Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Jay & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 81

Week of April 20, 2016:

In which Extraordinary X-Men finally lives up to its name; Jay and Miles accidentally wear matching shirts (but don’t bother to change); and Jay fails to come up with something exciting to put in the video-description copy.


  • Extraordinary X-Men #9 (Pick of the week, obviously)

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  1. I still only find EXM OK. I like the kids, but I felt like it didn’t really get much into their heads. I did like the world-building much better. Omega-World was really cool and interesting.

    Also, as a fan of Avengers Academy, Anole’s comment about asking out Striker bothered me. Because here’s the thing: They met in Academy #38, and in that issue, Striker and Anole were briefly paired against each other during the football game, because they were both gay. And part of the point of that scene was that just because two people are gay doesn’t mean they’ll hook up. And now Lemire comes along and says, “Hey, these two are both gay, they potentially could’ve hooked up.” It feels like it contradicts the point of the Academy scene.

    I know it’s a petty thing to complain about but dammit, petty things are the funnest to complain about!

    And yeah, that final page of New Avengers #10 made me so happy. I cheered. The line!

  2. I really liked this issue. Like, if the adulty X-Men never came along I kinda would have loved this as a mini-series, just that group of kids wandering from world to world, Exiles-style.

    1. Yeah, I would’ve been down for seeing more of this. Though at the same time, I think keeping it to a single issue was probably the ideal way to handle it. Stretching it out would probably result in feeling like filler, and giving only snapshots of the year allows the reader to fill in the blanks with whatever zany madcap adventures they want to imagine.

  3. I read this issue on Wednesday and loved it. Knew you guys would love it too. What a romp!

    They really having me caring about the students and also interested to see if anything serious comes from Colossus. The Starkself and Machine Men were very interesting and cool too!!!

    The art is strong this issue, and I am loving all these characters. What happened to Shark Girl and Hellion, that they aren’t with this group? Are they still at the school?

    However, I’m kind of confused at how the X-Men and lost students got reunited at the end of issue #9.

  4. I enjoyed this issue, and its nice to see them finding the series come together a bit more. I don’t know anything really about the young characters, but I loved the adventures. Not sure how they eventually meet up with the adults again though. Luck…?

    1. They’ve already met back up with the adults. It happened at the end of the previous issue. The adults showed up in the bubble the kids have taken shelter in.

  5. I get my comics slightly delayed to their release week so I don’t find a lot of time to go back through the “review” videos… but I had to check this one out after reading New Avengers #10 just to see if there was a gleeful mention. I was not disappointed.

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