Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Miles Reviews the X-Men, Episode 91

Week of July 6, 2016

In which Jay takes a sick day (but still gets stuck editing); Civil War II remains relatively civil; Deadpool V Gambit remains bafflingly delightful; and Miles weighs in on a few newly-announced titles.


  • Civil War II: X-Men #2 (01:12)
  • *Deadpool V Gambit #2 (04:53)

*Pick of the Week

Filmed at Books With Pictures in Portland, OR. Special thanks to Katie Proctor.

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  1. CWII X-Men #2 is good. The issues regarding Ulysses are laid out well. Lots of books are laying the debate out really well. I like that Magneto is a paranoid bastard who thinks the Inhumans are out to get mutants. That amuses me. The Gambit/Fantomex fight was awesome.

    Deadpool v Gambit #2 is funny. It’s a genuinely good comic. I expected it to be awful, but it’s legitimately good. I’m shocked. As an aside, the villains are just random dudes from throughout Marvel’s line. Not Deadpool-specific villains.

  2. Nuts…I had no idea Gambit was appearing in the Civil War tie-in. Now I need to check it out.

    And yeah, I’d be down with any Gambit type book anyway, but SO happy this one is good! Plenty of literal laugh-out-loud moments, like Miles said, and a nice twist at the end that ties into another series/run I loved. Can’t wait.

  3. I think Miles should borrow and wear a pair of shades in situations like this. Conversely, Jay should wear a fake beard.

  4. Guys, Marvel is really killing off the X-Men?!!!

    There are no X books slated for this October, only “Death of X”.


    1. Keep Calm and collect old comics. The best thing that happened to the original team was their title getting canceled – that set the stage for Wein & Cockrum to create what tehy wanted to. X-Men will be back, whether as part of a marketing plan to be revealed in November (very likely), or reinvented by passionate creators a decade from now.

      If they never take a break, Jay & Miles will have to do this podcast forever, so here’s wishing for a breather.

    2. Looks like the X-line isn’t gone, it’s just not being promoted as part of this wave of Marvel Now 2.0. Can’t deny that Marvel is continuing to downplay the X-line, but with new stories starting as late as September (in one of the annuals), I’m guessing we’ll have our usual slate in October.


      We’ll be talking a bit more about this in this week’s video reviews.

  5. Random aside: Are we sure that Boris Johnson and Tweedle Dope from the Crazy Gang aren’t the same person? And like how sure?

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