Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Jay & Miles X-Plain Logan (on Syfy Wire)!


The fine folks at Syfy Wire asked us to make a video to tell the Internet about the comics that the Logan movie is based on, and so we did! For our thoughts on Old Man Logan, X-23, Charles Xavier’s road buddy qualifications, and Donald Pierce’s amazing fuchsia cape:

Check it out!


  1. Now that I’ve seen it, it seems less based on Old Man Logan and more based on The End. If it was based on anything at all…

  2. Having seen it, Logan is really a mashup of four or five different comic stories, sort of a ‘greatest hits’ of Wolverine comics. I think it was the right decision. It’s telling a good story that stands on its own with no external information needed beyond like who Wolverine and Xavier are.

    I’m wondering if Logan is going to be the basis for the New Mutants movie they’ve been talking about. I mean, if it is, that’ll be a serious change from the classic New Mutants, but the names of the other kids in the X-23 program are very suggestive. Though I wasn’t able to tell which one was “Bobby” and none of them ever assumed Sunspot form, so it could just be coincidence…

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