Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men


This would usually be a skip week, but thanks to some generous donors to Equality Florida, Hawk Talk is back!


  1. That was a rather abrupt ending. Miles talking about lizards, then that’s it. No sign off. I can cope, it was just a surprise.

    I vaguely remember one game ad from way back when. Maybe a SNES RPG called Sentient. Apparently very long. You’d start it in high school, you’d skip prom among other significant events, you end up bequeathing it to your grandson. Does this sound familiar?

  2. If you want a dark story, there is a podcast on the guy who did sea monkeys (probably multiple podcasts). He did a bunch of the gimmicky mail-order stuff you’d find in comics and magazines (x-ray specs were another famous one). Also, despite being Jewish, he was openly racist and very supportive of white supremacy groups, like the KKK and Aryan Nations.

  3. Just on Digital comics, isn’t the redeeming of the Marvel comics just absurdly roundabout and annoying now? It used to be like a year, then a few months, and now it’s *one by one* and only about a month to get it. I tend to buy a chunk of comics all at once, that my store nearly 200kms away holds for me, so often the time has been and gone for me to redeem them. So I guess it CAN be a “just me” problem. Add on top as you mentioned the Comixology debacle, and I don’t redeem anything anymore. Are you folks the majority here and I’m just an odd duck or what?

  4. Yes, that seemed like a slightly abrupt ending at 37:10 there chaps.

    Luckily, being from somewhere other than the USA, none of the adverts had any actual relevance to me. I could read them and wonder what the heck sort of society you guys had that things like GRIT, Sea Monkeys and four hundred and thirteen varieties of breakfast cereal were viable, but couldn’t be tempted to buy anything because none of it was available. Also, the sheer number of interesting looking Satruday morning cartoons that you guys had.

    The VHS-board game that was most well known over here was AtmosFear, a horror based version.

  5. Regarding the mailing away of proofs of purchase for an item, I did that to get the Anakin Skywalker action figure from the original Star Wars action figure line. I think I had to send in 5 proofs of purchase + shipping to get it. It was legit and I received it. I don’t remember how long it took.

  6. The D&D version of the VHS game was called DragonStrike, and it was supposed to be an irresistible gateway to full on D&D that would bring a horde of children into the hobby.

    As I remember, it was actually pretty resistible.

  7. I loved that Miles mentioned going to his local comic shop on Wednesdays after Hebrew school. That was me too! I used to try to get my mom to stop at the comic shop first so that I could start reading on the way to Hebrew school.

  8. I just wanted to say I love hawk talk. I’ve been in an attention span low point and I haven’t been listening to the usual weekly episodes because I miss a lot of information but hawk talk let’s me listening to your voices which I’ve missed without stressing about what I’m missing.

  9. Every time I come across a weird ad in an old comic, I feel like I’m going to come back to this episode. Ads shaped me into the comic reader I am, put me in the comments of this podcast 30-odd years later. Because if there hadn’t been an ad for some neat looking new action figures from Toy Biz on the back of other comics, I’m not sure I’d have checked out X-Men.
    Sometimes ads maybe not targeted at small kids (like me at the time) would give me nightmares though; I still remember seeing them for films I knew nothing of like House 2 of all things, and my mind would just soon.

  10. As someone who has done Kung Fu on the beach and a NC beach at that, the sand doesn’t shift as much as you might think. Not much more than the pads a lot of places put down for safety. The ocean itself makes for good resistance training while doing Katas, though.

  11. This episode had me thinking way too much about Combo Man, the ad/marketing collab between Marvel and Combos snacks that I would see *everywhere* in Marvel’s books for a while, made up of pieces of all of your favorite Marvel characters and also Century’s thighs.

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