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As Mentioned in Episode 252 – Snakes on a Trolley

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252 – Snakes on a Trolley

Art by David Wynne. Wanna buy the original? Drop him a line!

In which Miles invokes Freddie Mercury; Polaris is more competent than the rest of X-Factor put together; Armageddon theology does not intersect well with superpowers (or politics, or anything else); Val joins a cult (kind of); Random joins the team (kind of); Haven is a surprisingly nonviolent mass-murderer; Havok is confused by women; and good guys don’t have orbital lasers.


  • Hope across the multiverse
  • X-Factor #97-100
  • Haven (Radha Dastoor)
  • Man, Mutant, and the New Humanity
  • A very fashionable outfit
  • One of the greatest Marvel art submissions of all time
  • Trinket the cat
  • Catalogs
  • A dramatic entrance
  • Mahapralaya (kind of)
  • Jamie Madrox vs. Jamie Madrox vs. the Legacy Virus
  • The Trolley Problem
  • Possession
  • Orbital lasers as a metric of morality
  • Monsoon (Aloba Dastoor)
  • The apparent death of Jamie Madrox
  • Our favorite takes on the Phoenix
  • Who our X-Universe counterparts should be

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Get Ready for the Final Episode of the Secret Convergence on Infinite Podcasts!


Jay here! I can’t believe we’re going to be wrapping up the Secret Convergence on Infinite Podcasts this coming weekend! The crossover has been such a constant for the last many months, and seeing it take life over the course of November has been amazing.

Our episode will be up on Sunday, November 29. Meanwhile, we’ve put together a field guide to the Convergence so far–and what to listen to if you fall in love with any of the podcasts involved!

EPISODE ONE: Who Would Win in a Fight

EPISODE TWO: Comic-Book Movies

EPISODE THREE: Are Things Better or Worse?

EPISODE FOUR: Comics We Share

EPISODE FIVE: D-List Good Eggs & Bad Eggs

EPISODE SIX: The Worm Turns: Characters, Creators and Books that We Used to Hate but Now Love (or Vice-Versa)

EPISODE SEVEN: Guilty Pleasures

EPISODE EIGHT: Characters With Whom We Identify

EPISODE NINE: Coming soon on Rachel & Miles X-Plain the X-Men!


Art by Brandon Graham
Art by Brandon Graham

Once upon a time (this past April), a few comics podcasters were joking around on Twitter.

“What if we took a cue from comics and did some kind of ridiculous crossover event?” someone asked.

“I’d do that,” someone else responded.

And then Al Kennedy started an e-mail thread.

Six months later, we are SUPER pleased to announce the first-ever SECRET CONVERGENCE ON INFINITE PODCASTS! SCOIP is a nine-show crossover event, spanning Fan Bros Show; Into It; SILENCE!; Less than Live; Journey into Misery; Wait, What?; House to Astonish, War Rocket Ajax, and Rachel & Miles X-Plain the X-Men. We’re producing nine stand-alone episodes, each hosted by a different show and featuring a mash-up cast from among more than fifteen hosts, and all airing between October 29 and November 29.

This is big, y’all. This is really big. We’re talking plot. The Beyonder. Original art by Brandon Graham (above) and James Stokoe (to be revealed). A guest star (also to be revealed).

To follow along with Secret Convergence on Infinite Podcasts, follow the Convergence on Twitter at @scoipodcasts; on Tumblr at secretconvergence.tumblr.com, and in the hashtag #SCOIP on both–and look for regular updates from all of the participating podcasts.

Will we die? Emerge with new costumes? LEARN TO POOP?

There’s only one way to find out.



Into It – The X-Men and Marvel Continuity


Rachel Here:

Elle Collins and I spend a lot of time talking about X-Men and the Marvel Universe, but this week, we did it on the record! R&MXtXM tends to be really continuity-crunchy and microfocused; being a guest on Into It was a really different (and really fun) chance to take a more macro look at comics and characters I love, starting with X-Men and ultimately sprawling into most of the Marvel Universe (with bonus Heathers, terrifying Franklin Richards, and more).