Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

So, That Happened

Introducing Pufferfish Xavier, by David Wynne. ICYMI, if you’ve fallen in love with any of David’s X-Plain the X-Men originals, you can now purchase ’em here!

Wynne_Pufferfish Xavier

Meanwhile, we’re getting ready to dive into the Dark Phoenix Saga! As always, if you’ve got burning X-questions, stick ‘em in the comments below or our Tumblr askbox, or tweet ‘em to @RaeBeta with the hashtag #xplainthexmen!


  1. Regarding the “trial of Phoenix” – isn’t the ridiculously stacked trial by combat pitting the X-Men against the Imperial Guard kind of a bullshit trial? Come to think of it, why would they leave such a loophole open for Professor X to invoke it in the first place? Is this the best legal system that an advanced intergalactic civilization can come up with?

    1. Sorry, I hit “Post Comment” too soon…which roster of X-Men do you think could have taken the Imperial Guard in this trial by combat?

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