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New T-Shirt – Probably a Summers Brother

Since May, “Probably a Summers Brother” has been by far and away our most-requested shirt. Now, finally, with the help of designer Dylan ToddIT LIVES.

Probably a Summers Brother


EDITED TO ADD: There’s now also a version of this design available on light colored t-shirts, stickers, totes, &c! YAYBO!

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 2.41.33 PM


  1. Rachal, I expect you to wear this shirt on the video reviews as you are more of a Summers brother then Vulcan. F@$k Vulcan!!!

  2. I’ve put off saying this for too long: I actually really like Havok’s headgear. Maybe it’s because he was in the first X-Men comic I ever read (UXM #230), but I’ve never thought his classic look was anything but cool.

  3. See, and I thought Havok looked like he had a colander on his head for no good reason. Of course I hate most headgear. Unless its important to you power or to protect people, take that crap off!

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