Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

27 – NYCC 2014 Special with Kris Anka and Russell Dauterman

Adam X the X-Treme, updated by David Wynne!
Adam X the X-Treme, updated by David Wynne!

In which we sit down with two of our favorite X-artists for an hour of continuity, character design, and a lot of wine; Corsair is the coolest; Emma Frost is a secret viewpoint character; Bishop is the anti-Booster Gold; Adam X the X-Treme gets a new hat; and none of us know how to pronounce “Bachalo.”


  • The secret X-origins of Kris Anka and Russell Dauterman
  • Definitive books and artists
  • Favorite characters and series
  • Mephistoid spacesuit logistics
  • Emma Frost as a reader stand-in
  • The secret origin of Psylocke’s pants
  • Uncanny X-Men
  • The best flashback montage ever
  • Underappreciated / underdeveloped characters
  • All the Rogues
  • Plot twists
  • Bishop
  • Dream teams
  • Sexy dudes with sexy abs
  • How to update Adam X the X-Treme

Next Week: What’s New, Shadowcat?

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  1. Love your podcast, but this episode was unlistenable. I couldn’t hear Kris Anka unless I turned my car volume way up, and then everything else was way too loud.

    1. Apologies for that – this was our first time recording an episode outside the studio, without our producer present, and without professional equipment. If you bear with the episode past about the first five minutes, it gets way better – Kris becomes audible and everything’s at about the same volume level. In the meantime, we already have a few ideas for making it sound much better the next time we do something like this.

  2. Wow, I kinda love this episode. The sound quality aside, it sounds like some of the post con drunken rambles my friebs and I used to have. My favorite part is Emma Frost because she is awsome! She gives no fucks about everyone elses pretenses and cuts through their bullshit. Whenever, people get too high and mighty she will totally remind them exactly who and what they are and where they came from.

  3. Audio qualities aside (which were minor for me, as it was ok in my car), this was a great episode. I always love these guest star episodes, be they with someone else from the Internet (which is pretty much just Chris Sims right now), or someone with insider knowledge of the industry (like all of the other episodes). It’s always cool to get a different perspective on the same events, especially when those perspectives can explain things a ton easier and more awesomely than any Wikipedia article.

    For example, the Kurt Busiek episode? Yeah, that episode explained Madelyn Pryor in ways that no trading cards, wikipedia entry, or Marvel Online summary had done before. And in only a few lines.

    Also, the Octopusheim outfit for Cyclops is still a favorite of mine. I love that Kris Anka actually did a drawing of it, as seen above.

    I loved it so much, I had to try rendering it in color, with what little skills I have:


    Now if only he could bring it back for an issue or two…

  4. Rarely have I heard people list so many of the reasons that Emma is consistently in my Top 10 X-Men. Even in her villainous days, you can see that her one chief virtue was a passion for safeguarding the next generation and it informs almost every significant choice the character has ever made (Scott being a notable exception). I’m also going to be keeping an eye out for future instances of snarky meta-commentary.

  5. I’ve read one issue of the X-Men with ADAM X THE X-TREME in it (I think he’s just showed up and no one knows him yet, but he’s been directed to Professor X?) and you guys have got me so intrigued… what should I read for the ADAM X highlights? (yes, of course I mean the most ridiculous moments….)

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