Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel and Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 12

Week of November 5, 2014

In which the stealth cosplay continues, and we are sidetracked by LEGOs.


  • Axis #4 (2:26)
  • X-Men #21 (4:00)
  • X-Factor #16 (5:36)
  • Life After Logan #1 (7:58)
  • Death of Wolverine: Weapon X Program #1 (12:01)

Pick of the week:

  • LEGO Blackbird Playset (13:27)

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  1. Axis started out is a decent event, but it sure has turned into a disaster. And Kluh is the walking embodiment of that disaster. He’s such a mind-numbingly stupid idea that in a book that was actually fun I could imagine enjoying his ridiculousness. But this is not that book.

  2. I’m getting sick of all the “events” lately. I think they need a hard reset and some stand alone stories because we are just running from crossover to crossover.

  3. Huh. This is not actually the first Kluh I’ve heard of. The second Ninja Turtles cartoon–the one that ran from 2003 to 2009–had an alien antagonist by that same name, in what was pretty clearly a homage to Bruce Banner’s alter ego. The best thing though, was how the running gag continued across his entire species, so that it was quickly revealed that he came from the planet Levram and had a father named Ammag. This version sounds like it would be a total blast in another book, which sounds kinda par for the course.

  4. whatever happened to Bernard the Poet anyway? Did he return as a villain in the 90s? I feel like he should have.

  5. The sad part about LEGO Cyclops is that, if you’ve ever played the video game, his optic blasts are heat based. Bad form Marvel…
    Then again, even his own dad didn’t know that. So I guess it can be forgiven.

    1. Ehh. It’s an awesome game, and wholly divorced from main Marvel canon anyway. (And M and I will forgive a LOT of anything that lets us team up as Cyclops and Beta Ray Bill.)

      1. (FWIW, Cyclops’s optic blasts are also wildy, ludicrously inconsistent in the comics. Official descriptions generally specify that they’re force not heat, but it’s probably possible to finagle a no-prize justification involving friction.)

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