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Halloween X

We’ve been talking up the Stealth/Plainclothes cosplay contest a lot lately (reminder: deadline is Friday, November 7!), but right in the middle of that came Halloween–and our listeners turned out in some stellar X-wear. Check it out:


          1. Really? You don’t wonder whether this child feels such a deep connection to the tragedy of Dark Phoenix that she chose to dress up as her, or whether a parent is trying to impress it upon her?

            1. Also, do you press this point this ferociously EVERY SINGLE TIME you see a kid dressed up as Batman? Maybe take a sec to consider why or why not.

      1. 1) IIRC, that’s the girl whose dad wrote to us back in May asking for recommendations for all-ages stories featuring Jean Grey, since his daughter was a huge fan of the character. (And if it’s not, there’s at least one other kid roughly her age who’s a huge fan of the character.)

        2) So, yeah, her parents are obviously X-Men fans–that’s kind of a given, since they listen to our podcast–but the implication that a kid couldn’t come up with this on their own is kind of laughable. She’s not an infant or a toddler. I mean, what was the target-audience age range for the X-Men cartoon, again? Dark Phoenix’s costume is super cool, and it translates really well into something that’s both weather and age-appropriate for Halloween.

        3) While I’m absolutely not claiming it was your intention, the whole thing kind of smacks of Fake Geek Girl double standards. I mean, I have literally never seen anyone ask the “yeah, but was it his idea or his parents’?” question about a kid her age dressed as Cyclops or a Batman villain or pretty much any superhero, even obscure ones.

            1. I forgot there are more kid-friendly adaptations of Dark Phoenix. I still remember most of the X-Men on Fox being a bit too mature for me at age 7.

              1. The original Dark Phoenix saga was, for the record, 100% approved by the (still pretty draconian at the time) Comics Code Authority. Certainly Claremont was aiming a bit older, but these comics were literally marketed and sold to children.

        1. While I am a little late to the party I completely agree with this! I was a huge fan of X-Men as a child in the early 90s especially Phoenix and the Dark Phoenix saga and I would have been around this girl’s age. I’d also like to add my parents were not fans and their only influence on me being into comics was the fact that my dad sold them in his store for awhile. So it does happen!

          My daughter is now interested in superheroes which admittedly comes somewhat from my influence but it will never be something I force on her. But if she’s into it I will absolutely encourage!

  1. Tiny Phoenix is my daughter and it was absolutely her idea. It surprised her mom and I but she insisted that’s what she wanted to be this year. She loves Phoenix in the Lego Marvel game and a family friend made the t-shirt for her. Thank you again for posting her pic!

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