Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel and Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 16

Week of December 3, 2014

In which everything is pretty okay, we guess.


  • Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program #3 (00:28)
  • *Axis: Revolutions #3 (3:10)
  • All-New X-Factor #17 (5:57)

*Pick of the week (9:32)

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Special thanks to the eternally glam-as-hell Miz Moody for the use of her spangly shades.


  1. Sandman actually used to be an Avenger, actually. He’s had a history of trying to be a good guy. Of course, that got undone and he turned back into a villain in a terrible, TERRIBLE story, but he’s sort of existed in that “Villain but not really a bad person” void since then.

    Also, simple question: Are there plans for what you’re going to do when you get to where the comics were when you first started doing the video reviews?

  2. I kinda feel Legendary Starlord could have snuck into here this week. Kitty Pryde on a date with Peter Quill. And next month’s should be even more likely.

  3. I understand that Rachel is a major…um…non-fan of Deadpool, but considering how light of a week it was for X books, did you consider including the “Uncanny” Deadpool issue for this video?

    1. I’m actually pretty indifferent to Deadpool–beyond my general dislike of narratively useless ubiquity–but he’s definitively not an X-Man.

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