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Shirt of the Month – December 2014

A few days ago, our Patreon supporters unlocked t-shirts of the month, and it is our very great pleasure to introduce the first of those, in which designer Dylan Todd pays homage to one of our very favorite Claremont catchphrases!

As the name implies, this is a LIMITED RUN: T-shirts (including kids’ and infant sizes!) will be up in the shop through January 5, 2014 (after this, switches’ll happen on the first of any given month, but we’re posting this one a little late, so), then DISAPPEAR FROM THE SHOP FOREVER. (Stickers may persist, depending on interest. We’ll see.)


Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 9.21.08 AM


T-shirts of the month are made possible by the support of our Patreon subscribers. If you want to help support the podcast–and unlock more cool stuff–you can do that right here!


  1. Hi R&M:
    This is perhaps my favorite t-shirt, in part because suggests a unique spin on my real name. Love to see what this artist could do with Maggot’s powers.

    Maybe I’ve missed it, but I’ve never heard mention of my favorite Claremont trope in this podcast: the phrase “More than she/he can bear”. He was as liberal with that line as JJ Abrams is with lens flare. You’ve both spoken at length about Claremont’s writing tics, but is there a repeatedly used line that is a favorite?


  2. I’ve been thinking about Sam Guthrie…does he ever power up and extend the martial possibilities of his powers? Since he’s basically a force blaster, although one for whom the usual laws of physics apply (unlike most people in superhero stories), ie action/equal and opposite reaction, you could credibly extend that to other body parts. Even if you didn’t and the blasting is somehow foot based, he could adapt savate, adopt the alias Firefoot and get Batroc as a foe. Because he flies off in the other direction when he blasts and is nigh invulnerable when he does it he’d have a heckuva punch as well! Of course, if he’s never done any this, it just shows how much less Sam thinks about hurting people than I do…aaww, Sam!

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