Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Jay & Miles Storytime Special (featuring the PDX Broadsides)

In the aftermath of Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival, we sat down for a wholesome, old-fashioned read-aloud, followed by a visit (and performance!) from the PDX Broadsides!

Special thanks to Max, without whom this monstrosity would never have been possible.


  1. This did my heart good, gentlemen. I just got home from a week in the hospital after a golf ball sized tumor was removed from what’s left of my leg; not to whine, but this was a pretty rad recovery gift this evening.

    I miss your videos! But more to the point—you both look great and the music video bonus was lovely. Thanks for continuing to give us awesome and brilliant nerd love every week, and I hope life continues to bless you both with the joy and wonder you deserve.



  2. Weighing your ordnance in blood seems like a rather macabre application of the Principle of Archimedes. But I suppose that military equipment of its nature is the sort of thing where you probably already know its weight in air, and you might need to determine the density of blood at short notice.

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