Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 270 – X-Ray Goggles and Mail-Order Lizards (feat. Steve Stokes)

Listen to the episode here!



  1. Miles, listening to you and your father talk comics was so wonderful. My dad and I have had a shared love for sci-fi (only the rarest moments have been comics) and it’s been the bond that’s kept us talking. I appreciated your dad’s desire for diversity and inclusivity in what he reads. I have also appreciated, over the years, both yourself and Jay’s commentary on representation. I can’t wait for the, hopefully, inevitable episode with Jay and their mother’s episode together (maybe to discuss the cosplay process of becoming Cable). Thanks guys!!!

  2. This was a delight. Fin Fang Foom being mentioned is an opportunity to say he’s my second favourite of the Kirby/Lee ‘golem’ monsters. Any monster who deters tyranny from acting oppressively, especially when a savant of some kind plays a part in the monster taking action qualifies as a golem for me.

  3. I finally got caught up on all the episodes and this one is one of my absolute favorites.

    In fact, I would love it if, in future episodes where you look at current X-Men comics, you could have Steve back as a guest.

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