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X-TRA – Fighting the Fight

Sometimes when the world’s a trash fire, it’s hard to figure out where to start. We talk activism, figuring out how you can help, and what we’re doing to fight back against anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in Florida.

Click through here to find out more about our campaign to raise funds for Equality Florida!


  1. Not the sort of episode it seems appropriate to leave the usual flippant discussion comments about.

    In the UK, the level of trans hostility seems to be rising ever higher of late, especially with trans people being specifically left out of planned anti-conversion therapy legislation (after the Governement were shamed into a U-turn on their plan to quietly drop said legislation in it’s entirety) and our Prime Minister making some more-than usually tone deaf comments (Which, given his standard level of crassness is quite the achievement) about trans people in sport and “women only” spaces, whilst claiming to be supportive.

    So, no quips or jests, just wishing you well in your campaign.

  2. I’ve tried to make a donation from the UK, but the form requires me to specify a US state and valid US postcode (it rejects my UK postcode). Is there any way to get round this and actually get it to accept a donation?

  3. Hi,
    I’m behind on my podcast listening (all of them, not just this one). I listened to this episode last night and I thought it was inspiring. I work as a university lecturer in the UK teaching social work. One of our units is entitled ‘Social Justice’ and it’s all about raising awareness and promoting activism to support groups of people who face discrimination in their daily lives. I’d love to share this episode with them because I think the students would benefit from the discussions around the different types of activism you talk about.
    Thanks ever so much for this episode, and for all the others. As a lifelong X-Men fan, this is one of my favourite podcasts.

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