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Help Us Support Queer and Trans Youth!

Actual map of Florida.

On Monday, March 28, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB1557–the notorious “don’t say gay” bill–into law. This bill is part of an unprecedented wave of legislation targeting queer and trans youth, with potentially deadly consequences.

Florida may be America’s favorite trash fire, but we’re not willing to give up on our home state; and we’re DEFINITELY not willing to give up on the queer and trans kids who live there.

So we’re fighting back.

All April, we’ll be raising money for Equality Florida. Between our own contributions and the generous support of anonymous donors, we’re in a position to match up to $6000 of your contributions AND offer some very cool prizes.



  • IF YOU DONATE UNDER $25 – You’ll have our eternal love and gratitude, as well as the warm, fuzzy feeling of making a difference.
  • IF YOU DONATE $25 OR MORE – We’ll thank you on the podcast. (Note: these’ll be straightforward thanks, not the silly kind we do for patrons.)
  • IF YOU DONATE $50 OR MORE – Miles, who is adamantly Not an Artist, will draw you an earnest and possibly terrible social media X-avatar.
  • IF YOU DONATE $100 OR MORE – We’ll record a custom voicemail greeting for you.
  • IF YOU DONATE $200 OR MORE – Jay will knit you a hat.
  • IF YOU DONATE $500 OR MORE – We’ll record a Hawk Talk on a subject of your choice.

Thank you, so much, for fighting with us. <3



  1. I’ve tried to make a donation from the UK. But Equality Florida’s online form requires me to give my address, which has to include a US state and a valid US postcode.

    It won’t accept my UK postcode, and there’s no option for “N/A” or “Non-US” in the state dropdown.

    Is there any way to get round this and actually get it to accept a donation? Preferably *without* my having to supply address details?

    1. We weren’t able to find away around this limitation – we hadn’t realized it was the case when we started this donation campaign. Thank you very much for giving it a shot and apologies it didn’t work!

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