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As Mentioned in Episode 202 – Rhapsody in Blue (and Gold)

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202 – Rhapsody in Blue (and Gold)

Art by David Wynne. Wanna buy the original? Drop him a line!

In which music is dangerous and confusing, Jamie Madrox has a weakness for femmes fatale, the term “f-holes” makes Miles turn 12, and we bid a fond farewell to Larry Stroman.


  • That time Havok was the nexus of all realities
  • How to get to Florida, Magneto style
  • X-Factor #79-81
  • Lesser-used applications of super-speed
  • Rhapsody (Rachel Argosy)
  • Mutant late bloomers
  • The surprising convenience and safety of fictional shop windows
  • Excalibur-weird vs. X-Factor-weird
  • Tiny cellos
  • The worst kid in the neighborhood
  • A creative use of mutant powers
  • Whether Madrox creates duplicates during sex (again)
  • Astral wheat fields
  • Musical manslaughter
  • Sean Young (who is decidedly not Catwoman)
  • Hell’s Belles
  • Rahne’s World
  • Polaris’s body image issues
  • Beefiness disambiguation
  • Wolfsbane’s conditional poker face
  • Cyber (Silas Burr)
  • Strong Guy, who just works here, man
  • Alex Summers, inspiring and/or deceptive authority figure
  • Bringing back the classics (and when not to)
  • The surprisingly homogenous Multiverse

NEXT EPISODE: Mikhail Rasputin ruins everything.

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April 2015 T-Shirt & Leggings of the Month: Demon Bear

Because you demanded* it: THE DEMON BEAR SHIRT!

Art by David Wynne!
Art by David Wynne!

When David Wynne’s gorgeous Demon Bear illustration went up with Episode 32, a lot of you asked when you’d see it on a t-shirt. We are happy to announce that your wait is over: the Demon Bear is officially April’s t-shirt of the month!

But that’s not all: we’re also doing a limited run of Demon Bear leggings! Do YOU want to wrap your entire body in a nightmare creature from dimensions beyond human ken?** CONGRATULATIONS. NOW YOU CAN.


Demon Bear t-shirts and leggings will be available until May 1, 2015, then disappear forever. (Travel mugs will of course continue to stick around for as long as they remain hilarious.)

*Actually, you have been asking very politely for a very long time now. We appreciate that.

**Before someone asks: We did in fact try to do a Screaming Bear Crotch variant, but alas, it did not work out with the placement of the seams on Redbubble leggings.


In Episode 31, we dropped the idea of Wolverine running an advice column, and not one but two of you magical folk sent us your versions of what that would look like!

The column itself, by Chris Baum (text by Dear Abby).


A behind-the-scenes candid from Celia Connaire !
A behind-the-scenes candid from Celia Connaire !


SPEAKING OF ART! When we were uploading David Wynne’s gorgeous Demon Bear for the print of the week, Redbubble suddenly confronted us with a possibility we had never previously considered but found absolutely hilarious: Demon Bear travel mugs. I mean, look at this:


After a hurried twitter conference with David, we decided those should probably be a thing, and now they are. (Both prints and mugs will be up at the shop until Sunday, November 30, at which point the prints and probably the mugs will disappear forever.)

As Mentioned in Episode 32 – Off the Map

Listen to the episode here!

Special thanks to Andrew Vestal for help assembling the images for this post.


32 – Off the Map

Art by David Wynne
Art by David Wynne

In which we hit the definitive arc of New Mutants; Bill Sienkiewicz blows our minds; Rachel gets choked up over a credits spread; Rahne gets a makeover; Doug Ramsey is justifiably flustered; and Warlock is a friend to household appliances.

NOTE: This episode includes a lot of art talk. While doing so is not strictly necessary to follow the discussion, we recommend listening with the visual companion open.


  • Warlock
  • The transmode virus
  • New Mutants #18-21
  • The Demon Bear Saga
  • Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Task leaders vs. social leaders
  • Page layout as a storytelling tool
  • Soul armor
  • The Demon Bear and its shadow
  • One of the best covers of all time
  • Makeovers
  • The deeply problematic fate of Tom Corsi and Sharon Friedlander
  • What the New Mutants are up to these days

Next Week: Crossovers!

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