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As Mentioned in Episode 3 – Cartoons, Lies, and Video Tape

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We didn’t actually mention this, but you should probably watch it anyway:

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    1. Because it’s Miles’s favorite, and he made us promise not to cover it without him. We’ll get to that–and the short-lived anime–eventually.

      1. Oh dang, I didn’t even think of the anime! Also, I submitted this question twice thinking it didn’t go through the first time. Apologies.

  1. So I’m a new listener, and am starting from the beginning, so I just heard this ep, and I had to correct you on a couple things.

    1. Gambit’s had minor hypnotism powers that account for his seduction capabilities since, oh, at least the start of the adjectiveless X-Men series. There’s even a point during one of those early issues where some of the team are playing basketball, and somebody tries to get Gambit banned from the game, because they’d never know if he was using his hypnotism powers.

    2. Gambit and Danger actually had a small bit of history! They team up during the X-Men Legacy arc, Salvage, and the two of them (plus Rogue) road tripped to San Francisco during the Utopia crossover.

    But awesome podcast! I’m loving this. Thanks so much for being great!

  2. Hi, just started listening to the podcast and this was a great episode.

    Just wanted to mention that while I watched the 90’s TAS as a kid (and loved it) the first thing that got me into actually reading the X-Men comics was Wolverine and the X-Men animated series – and even more so: the depiction of Blink in it (which is funny, since she is only shown in like a three episodes, never for more then 5 seconds and she never say a single word!)
    So cheers to WATXM and curse those damn people who cancled it.

    Also, on that note, you should totally talk about the Exiles in one of your episodes.


    1. Wait! There’s actually cartoon episodes where my favorite character makes an appearance?! 5 seconds at a time may totally be worth it if she isn’t killed during the 5th one. (Blink’s constant dying was the cause of me giving up X-comics at least once. Her and Deadpool. Yes, I was naïve enough at the time to believe that they might let Deadpool stay dead for more than a few months.)

      1. She totally is! In the last few episodes of the cartoon. And she somehow manage in those mute few seconds to display her badassery so that I’ll actually want to read about her.
        Also, here is some information that will make you cringe: In the next season of Wolverine and the X-Men, revolving around the AoA storyline, she was supposed to play a much bigger role (which include talking!)
        Too bad the series was canceled, right?

        But what were you talking about her constantly dying? I know she died once in the main universe, but her AoA counterpart has never died, to my knowledge, and the (not so recently) revived 616 Blink also didn’t die. She was just canceled along with the new mutants…

  3. Does anyone have a screenshot of the Eastern European peasants with laser guns? This must be shared with the world.

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