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X-TRA – Greg Pak at New York Comic Con

Storm #1 cover art by Victor Ibañez
Storm #1 cover art by Victor Ibañez

Rachel caught up with Greg Pak during NYCC–on no sleep, and on the con floor, so apologies in advance for the sound–to talk about Storm, Storm, team vs. solo titles, post-colonial X-Men, and more.

Note: This was recorded on October 9, so the “last issue” referenced in the interview is Storm #3.

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  1. Thanks for this mini-cast!

    I enjoyed listening to Pak’s take. I just wished I liked the series better. I liked the first issue. The second issue was decent, but really didn’t like the third. The fourth issue’s arc shows promise, but another problem is that the art is REALLY not doing it for me. In fact, in places I’d call it ugly It may just be the inking and coloring, but if so it is really undermining the pencils. 🙁

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