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As Mentioned in Episode 40 – Give Them Something to Fight (With G. Willow Wilson)

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Links and Further Reading:

  • G. Willow Wilson. Go read everything she’s written. It’s all splendid. GO. NOW.
  • You have until JANUARY 21 to send in your entries for the Corbeau Coloring Contest!
  • If you want to help support the podcast–and see Rachel recap and review all 52 episodes of X-Men Evolution–now might be a good time to click over to our Patreon.



  1. I really hope you reach the next Patreon goal. X-Men: Evolution is why I fell in love with the X-Men. Also, that team up between Kamala and Logan was just so sweet and cool.

  2. Aaaaaaand looks like I just missed the deadline for the X-Cellence coloring contest. I guess my Stained Glass Corbeau will have to join the huge pile of half done projects the garage.

  3. I made it! finally caught up after about 2 weeks of binging R&MXTX. But RACHEL… your pronunciation on some names is KILLING me!!! The last straw was your referring to “AXIS” as “SIXIS” … but to be fair that was due to some unfortunate graphic design.

    Aquilla is pronounced “Uh-kee-ya” …
    Magus is pronounced “May-gus” (not “May-jus”)
    Jaime Rodriguez is pronounced “Hai-Meh Rod-ree-gez”

    You guys rock! Hope you don’t mind the little nudge, but at least no one refers to Magneto as “Magnet-O” anymore … yes, that was a thing once….

    1. Aquilla’s presumably from the Latin aquila (eagle), so I think that one actually is pronounced “akwila”. The Sixis thing is us continuing our making fun of the Axis logo from our video reviews; we’re aware it’s Axis but have more fun calling it Sixis. Quite true on the other two, though!

      1. Hey Miles!

        Thanks for clarifying, makes sense! Amara’s name would derive from Latin, since she is 100% Nova-Roman! Being Latino and Spanish speaking, and introduced to Amara when I was 9 yrs old, I always assumed/read with the double-l “eyeh” sound.

        Just started binging the Video reviews … can’t wait to synch up with the SixiS references.


        1. As a fellow language geek, I’d go easy easy on them with the Latin pronunciation notes. Someone whose main education derives from Classical studies is going to have a different frame of reference from someone whose frame of reference is Ecclesiastical Latin, which is highly influenced by modern Italian conventions of pronunciation. In fact, even among Academic Latin, there’s room for variation depending on regional language or dialect or that of those who taught us (sidebar: my French can sometimes sound very Polish for just that reason). Your given pronunciation of “aquila,” with its last syllable pronounced as a “ya” instead of a “la” definitely suggested that you’re from a Spanish speaking region/country well before I got that far down the thread. Plus given the fact that Nova Roma was isolated from the rest of civilization for 2000 years, lingual drift makes the nitpickery of dead language pronunciation within the context of a fictional universe a rather silly venture.

  4. I believe it was in this episode that you mentioned an essay about superman and the inefficacy of just throwing bigger and bigger rocks at him, and that it would be better to challenge him in a way that ensured everyone’s death. Is there a link for that?

  5. Wow willow is just an amazing writer! Totally a fan and her sight gushing about Alan cumming made me love her even more!!!!

    She is doing a lot of awesome with marvel right now!!!

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