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As Mentioned in Episode 209 – To Me, My X-Books

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  1. “Jordan D. White is a delightful individual”

    Jordan D. White once gaslighted and shamed an autistic person on his tumblr simply because the autistic person commented about his use of “person with autism” rather than “autistic person”. He got defensive, and used language akin to those who want to “cure” autism, which results in the death of many people every year, speaking of it like it were a disease. Then got defensive and doubled down, attacking the autistic person rather than attempting to hold his hands up and say he’ll try and do better.

    The average life expectancy of an autistic person in America is 36 years old. Intolerance and the treatment of autistic people, as perpetrated by Mr. White on his tumblr, contribute to that.

    Not a delightful person, and not a podcast I’ll be listening to this week.

    1. Agreed. I realized he was a louse when I tried listening to Sailor Business. Every time Chris would bring up a fan-favorite pairing that wasn’t rail straight, he’d throw an actual fit about how Chris shouldn’t like it cuz it’s “not canon”. However, if it was a non-canon hetero couple, he kept insisting it secretly was. Add to that his “funny” tendency to portray a gay couple among the villains as an abusive relationship and to insist these were just super clever jokes & not thinly veiled homophobia in responses, and I’ve decided not to buy any X-books until he’s replaced.

      Sad to hear his bigotry extends to ableism, but also not surprised. I’ve skipped this week’s too, since I don’t want to hear him dance around masking his true leanings for the sake of selling to the show’s audience. The last person who should be running the X-books is someone who openly mocks the line’s themes & morals.

      1. With all the progress we’ve seen at Marvel and DC in recent years in terms of hiring women and POC to write diverse characters, I am continually baffled how much the X-Men team books continue to be dominated by straight white men.

        1. To clarify: while this is most directly a writer issue, we seem to have had a succession of apparently straight, largely white, male editors who view the X-Men primarily as a generic outsider story. “My friends and I are weird, so people hate us and bully us, but we know we’re really heroes.” A lot of import nuance and relevance is left by the wayside in favor of an endless parade of variations on the sentinel story.

          1. Exactly! We should be getting stories about intersectionality, but because it’s being run by guys who think “picked on for liking D&D” is the same as systemic racism, we just get the same very generic stories over & over. Comics as a whole needs new blood.

            1. Yep. There are glimmers – Magdalene Vissagio’s Dazzler one shot was fantastic. It basically used the mutant-inhuman conflict to call out the BS that is Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism. We need more like that, and writers like Vissagio should be driving the line.

  2. Jordan’s answer to the question about future queer representation was much less than satisfactory.

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