Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

250 – Minding the DNA, feat. Fabian Nicieza

Art by David Wynne. Wanna buy the original? Drop him a line!

In which writer Fabian Nicieza joins us to talk ‘90s crossovers, narrative legacies, and what Adam X’s word balloons really sound like!

Special thanks to Shatterstarologist Charlie of The Young Ones for lending their X-Pertise to the cold open!

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  1. I loved Cannonball leading X-Force and was sad to Cable return to the leadership. After X-Force came back from Age of Apocalypse and Cannonball left X-Force to join X-men, I sort of rage-quit comics for 10 years. Actually, I was just starting college, so it might have been more that I didn’t have the time to keep up any more. But I remember being really annoyed, hoping to get things back to normal after AoA and not getting it.

    1. I was so angry at that, especially since Cannonball had lost all his X-Force era character development and didn’t really do anything while he was on the X-Men squad until about Kelly’s run of the book.

      And then he left soon after.

      The whole thing felt a little pointless, especially when, if Nicieza had had his way we could have had Cannonball and Reignfire’s conflict being the new Xavier/Magneto conflict.

  2. An interesting discussion from a creator I’ve never heard discuss his work before, so thank you Mr Nicieza.

    And a refreshingly warts and all discussion it was too. It does seem a shame that so many interesting ideas feel by the wayside, especially as regards Cannonball’s place as the next iconic leader, and even Adam X.

    Here’s to another 250 episodes chaps!

  3. I love it when you guys interview creators. I didn’t catch what next week’s episode’s reading content will cover…. no worries if you’re taking a break… you deserve it after 250 eps. 🙂

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