Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

366 – Nine-Tenths of the Law

Art by David Wynne. Wanna buy the original? Drop him a line!

In which the Beast miniseries is actually a cleverly disguised Karma miniseries; Gateway’s moral alignment remains a mystery; Cannonball rocks some sideburns; there are many reasons to dislike Viper; and every #1 is somebody’s first.


  • An off-panel death
  • X-Force #62
  • Beast #1-3
  • Karma’s family and backstory (again)
  • Twin absorption
  • MacGuffins and/or children
  • Clearcut and Mindmeld
  • Unconsciousness
  • Spiral (again)
  • Marios
  • What to do (visually) with six arms
  • Spiral’s mutates
  • Some very impressive body horror
  • MId-fight stalling
  • Misplaced revenge
  • Hank McCoy’s multiversal offspring
  • The history of Karma’s sexual orientation

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  1. Shinobi Shaw definitely understands sex remains my favorite recurring gag by a big margin. Make me laugh every time.

    1. Between Karma being one of the earliest out X-characters and Wolfman having intended Jericho to be gay initially in New Teen Titans, I’m wondering….fellas, is it gay to possess people?

      1. This was supposed to be its own comment, not in reply. Oops. Well, regardless, um…yes, the Shinobi Shaw sexy voice ALWAYS gets a smile out of me. A sexy smile.

  2. The “Wrestler Guy” Miles was thinking of was Captain Lou Albano who, like Bob Hoskins, is sadly no longer with us. Also, Albano, like Jim Cornette & Jimmy Hart, was primarily a manager – which means he did take bumps as part of the job, but was not generally as actively involved in the ring as the clients he managed.

  3. For years now, I’ve sat by idly while you consistently implied that I probably don’t know what “sex” is. I do believe it is time to set the record straight.

    I am very well versed in the “sex”. In fact, I am such an expert than I have decided to bring a tutorial to this internet to show people how to do both positions. Frankly, I’m almost shocked that no one has thought to do it before. But then, no one knows what “sex” is better than I.

    I do believe that people will pay to have access to these videos which will show a plethora of many sexy people giving detailed re-enactments of the two positions.

    I’m sorry, what’s that? No, I have never heard of that. What is “PornHub?” Is that a here-to-for undiscovered third position because I assure you that I am the one who invented it and was just waiting for the right moment to share it with the rest of the world.

  4. Thanks to this podcast I actually learned about this min-series sometime ago when you guys mentioned it. Despite reading seemingly all of the X-Men titles at the time I somehow missed this one. Probably because it seemed to focus on The Beast and he’s never been a particularly favorite of mine. That being said, now that I have read it, it was nice to finally have a long running plotline resolved that I had long since forgotten about even when this series was brand new.

  5. I remember the miniseries and was also initially perplexed as to why it was being marketed as a Beast series, though my cynical nature ascribed it to his higher profile.

    I also had not read the X-Force story, but my X-reading was so sporadic by this point, I had just learned to roll with it by then. “Oh, okay, something happened elsewhere I have no context for… Must be Wednesday”

    As for Spiral interacting with Hank’s flashback, well, she is a time-dancer (One of Mojo’s names for her IIRC), so in her dimension temporal flashbacks possibly have a physical reality.

    Leong and Nga’s body horror powers also lingered LONG in the memory, though it’s at least something that they didn’t end up with “twin based” powers like they did as Template in the Bratpack

  6. God, poor Shinobi. I love the Shaws, they’re terrible. Worst family, especially to each other. I enjoy them so much. And your episodes with him are always the best! Makes me laugh so much.

    Mindmeld is a character that I have REALLY been waiting for you guys to get to. I’m pretty sure she’s VERY much coded as trans, I wrote a thing on it here:

    Like Shinobi, she’s not exactly ideal representation, but I still want to see her back (and handled better)

    Would also like to see the twins get personalities one day too. But mostly I want Mindmeld back! Yes she’s evil but damn she looks cool. Also she needs to get vengeance on Shinobi. Yes, I love him too, but he deserves it.

  7. No, it’s an accidental spoonerism of “Horn Pub”. It’s a British drinking establishment… of a sort… Why don’t you go out into the street and ask people to direct you to it, Shinobi?

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