Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

441 – Dracu-tastic

In which Banshee should eat the rich; the real Monet is way more of a jerk than the fake one; the Marvel Universe is the world inside your brain-case; Maggott joins and quits Generation X at almost the speed of Sunfire; Dracula gives Chamber the D; and if Jay and Miles die in this episode, they die in real life.


  • Dracula as a universal standard
  • Earth-441
  • Generation X #48-49
  • The missed potential of 13,000-year-old teenager Gaia
  • The Jay Faerber run of Generation X
  • Emma and Banshee’s forgotten X-friendship
  • That time that Moira ripped off Banshee’s skin and wore it like a Halloween costume (again)
  • Cordelia Frost, Emma’s younger sister
  • Adrienne Frost, Emma’s older sister
  • Interpersonal arguments by way of Asgardian combat scenarios
  • Jubilee, fox; versus M, scorpion
  • Alaska, moping capital of the Marvel Universe
  • Clever scene transitions
  • Constantine Francis Slaughter IV and his mustache
  • Puberty as body horror
  • Husk’s breakup haircut
  • Slug emulation
  • Generation X / Dracula Annual 1998
  • The Council of Cross-Time Draculas
  • Chamber’s goofy face
  • Vampire fonts
  • Jubilee’s bunny slippers
  • Charlie Brown in Snow Valley
  • Count von Count (again)
  • Monsters as class metaphor
  • What would happen if Synch synced with Legion
  • Who would pronounce Cable like Britta Perry pronounces bagel

NEXT EPISODE: Victor Von Doom X-Plains the X-Men.

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  1. Chamber is said to be 18 at the character profiles at the end of Generation X #1, so I imagine at least during Lobdell’s run he was meant to be that age. And that do is consistent with how he’s normally portrayed as the oldest of Gen X.

  2. So, the Generation-X Collector’s Preview mentions that Chamber can fly using the “Forge-Created flight-assist device designed to work from Chamber’s Mutant bio-blast.” This is also mentioned in Generation-X: The Novel by Scott Lobdell and Elliot S. Maggin that was adapted from/to the Generation X ’97 annual.
    I’m sure I’ve seen a drawing of this device somewhere, but I can’t find it. Maybe I just imagined it.
    I always thought that Chamber was just too depressed to figure out how to use his powers to do things like fly and my issue with the Dodsons (and a lot of other artists) is that they draw him with a visible chin and neck under the bandages. There’s nothing there! He’s depressed because he has no chest or lower jaw!

    1. From the novel:
      “A few minutes before dawn, a black-clad figure rode a pillar of white heat through the storming skies. Jono wore a harness and an aluminum cone from his chest to his ankles. He could direct the psionic energy out the bottom of his chamber in a jetstream. With this rig he could actually fly, albeit slowly and for short distances. If he tried to go much further or any faster than a person could walk, he would burn his own feet.”
      The novel also says he’s from Glasgow, Scotland, and isn’t yet 18 so, you know, not canon.

    2. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing Chamber’s flying harness too, though likewise can’t remember where.

      The Chamber in Age of Apocalypse also used a chest harness to focus his power blasts, but I don’t think he ever used it to fly.

  3. I thought, when first introduced that Synch didn’t copy powers per se (I mean we have a slew of characters who can do that already, Rogue being the obvious one, as well as Mimic, and Hope, though admittedly a later addition) but his aura mimicked them as best it could. So if he synched with Wolverine he couldn’t grow claws, but his aura shaped itself into something similar, and someone with enhanced strength would work because the aura would work sort of like Amror’s powers, but that would impost limits because some powers don’t have physical manifestations, so he could synch with Banshee because the aura could create sounds, but he wouldn’t be able to synch with a pure psionic like Emma. Oh well….

    If their stylised “D” logo is the same, you’d think Gen X would think that their house had been broken into by Daredevil, before assuming it was Dracula.

    Apropos of very little I saw a documentary recently, where the presenter had access to Bram Stoker’s original notes on writing Dracula, and in the notes about how he doesn’t show up in mirrors (Dracula, not Bram Stoker… I assume) it also mentions that he couldn’t be “Kodak’d” (Kodak being the first company to introduce commercial camera’s in 1888) and, even more interestingly, couldn’t be painted either.

    So anyone trying to paint Dracula from life (or undeath at least) would certainly paint a likeness of SOMEONE, but it would never look like Dracula actually did, as if he HAD no true appearance, or the human mind simply shied away from what that appearance was, and supplied something harmlessly bland in its place. I don’t think it made into the final book or play, but it’s such a cool idea, I thought I’d mention it.

    1. You know, that’s a good point – Synch’s powers started out as more specific and unusual than the standard power-mimicking we see in so many places, but gradually evolved to be exactly that (albeit with some rainbows attached). Kind of a shame; that was a neat concept.

      I’d never heard of Dracula being unpaintable… And now I’m starting to wonder if medieval cats were all vampires and that’s why paintings of them looked the way they did!

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