Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 21 – Kurt Busiek at the Coffee-a-Go-Go

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  1. The story as told by Kurt Busiek about the Phoenix retcon and the original X-Factor plans is nothing short of amazing. I never had any inkling about any of this prior to this episode – what a treat!

  2. You guys know the little story of Wolverine and the eggs by Faith Erin Hicks? ‘Cause it sounds like it’s fit right in with the Coffee A Go Go stories!

  3. Started listening on the car ride home and had to fimish once I got in the house. Great episode. Loved the Busiek interview. I dont know if I should love or hate you two! On one hand, you remind me of all the stuff I loved reading the x-men, and it makes me want to start collecting again. BUT then you cover recent history I missed(the vampire episode)and I get reminded why I stopped. Congrats on the ten years(it would be cool if my wife read comics with me). And PLEASe stop cramming so much in one episode and please dont talk so fast!

    make mine Mar–Miles and rachel!

  4. I think this may have been the geekiest episode of the podcast, which is saying something given it’s about X-Plaining the X-Men.

    Seriously though, all of the background history Kurt brought to the podcast was great. I didn’t even know that Children of the Atom was a thing outside of the X-Men. The Dark is Rising poetry was also pretty great too.

  5. So I was listening the episode again, and during the part about X-men moving on and having normal lives I suddenly remember this fanfiction-website-thing, “The Mutant Problem”, and I don’t know if you know it, but if you don’t it’s great. It’s a fake article of the New York Times website by Toby McGuire!Peter Parker with profiles of several x-characters as regular people and I wish more X-men was like that

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