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As Mentioned in Episode 44 – Assembling Legion, with Si Spurrier

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  1. I’ve wanted Life Death II’s cover blown up poster sized on my wall ever since I found it in a dollar bin somewhere. Unfortunately the printing style of the time muddied most of the interior art, with the exception of the few pages with lighter backgrounds.

    1. We go into this in the episode as well, but I really want there to be oversized artist editions of Lifedeath I and II. The colors are good, but that line art is just breathtaking.

      1. That would be amazing. Have you guys read Adastra in Africa, aka Lifedeath III with the serial numbers filed off? It was published in b&z wand the highly-detailed line work looked amazing.

  2. I loved Dani Moonstar’s immediate negative reaction to Jack in the first Legion story, and the way it played off Professor X’s impression that idolizing Jack made Legion more of a normal kid who was into adventure stories.

  3. I think my no-prize explanation for Tom Corsi’s fringed boots is that’s what he wore to the gym prior to the Demon Bear Saga. Some people, once they have a look, don’t change for nothin’.

    That said, I owe Si Spurrier an apology. When I first saw the set-up for Legacy, it seemed too pat and squared away. To have this legendarily problematic character declare his problems solved seemed to say that he was just going to be a regular superhero who sometimes thought “gee, I sure do have a lot of people in my head.” I suppose I should’ve known it was the calm before the storm. You would have to give him control for the first time ever to see how he handles losing it.

  4. I seriously love the David Wynne print this week. So great.

    It’s remarkable to me how often Legion stories bring out the best in artists. He’s got such a distinctive character design, and he communicates so much of his mindset through his posture.

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