The Mutant Massacre: A How-To Guide


…wait, that title doesn’t sound right.

Miles here! Our next two episodes will be about the Mutant Massacre, Marvel’s first-ever X-event. It’s super depressing; huzzah! (Just like a lot of other X-events, come to think of it.)

Anyway! Since the Mutant Massacre involves eleven issues of five and a half different titles and doesn’t have distinct chapter numbers the way later events do, we thought it might be helpful to post a reading order for those following along. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll post the order we decided to use in our upcoming episodes.

(Of note: every single one of these except Power Pack #27 is on Marvel Unlimited right now.)

The Mutant Massacre, X-Men side (Episode 65):

  • Uncanny X-Men #210
  • Uncanny X-Men #211
  • New Mutants #46
  • Uncanny X-Men #212
  • Uncanny X-Men #213

The Mutant Massacre, X-Factor side (Episode 66):

  • X-Factor #9
  • X-Factor #10
  • Thor #373
  • Thor #374
  • Power Pack #27
  • X-Factor #11

Daredevil #238 is technically a tie-in too, but it’s a loose enough one that we’ll be skipping it.

For an alternate reading order–including a very handy flow chart–we recommend the Mutant Massacre guide at

We’ll see you – and a ton of dead Morlocks – soon!

EDITED TO ADD: Andrew Vestal hooked us up with this perversely cheery Official Mutant Massacre Flow Chart that Marvel published in ’86. So, that’s a thing:



  1. David says:

    For the record, if you use the code “Penny” right now at checkout, the first month of Marvel Unlimited is $0.01, just in case you’re on the fence about joining! 🙂

  2. pawpaw5771 says:

    I’ve never read the Thor and Power Pack issues for this, I hope they’re not as depressing as the Uncanny and X-Factor books are. I don’t think I can handle the Marauders killing off any of the Power Pack.

  3. Elliott Kay says:

    Man. I’d forgotten about that handy infographic. That thing is SO INAPPROPRIATELY CHEERFUL!

    “Hey, kids! Help lead your heroes to traumatic injury and widespread tragedy!”

  4. LAndrew says:

    I remember looking at that flow chart and thinking “That looks hatefully complicated.”

    By the time OPERATION: ZERO TOLERANCE finally chased me off the X-Books, I yearned for the straight-forwardness of the Mutant Massacre flowchart.

  5. Andrew says:

    I just finished re-reading these, so I’m looking forward to it! I also read Uncanny X-Men 214, as it builds on a side plot started earlier involving Dazzler.

    Also: all of these issues are on Comixology, including the Power Pack one. And it’s great, if really sad.

  6. DantePD says:

    I still want someone to explain to me just how in hell the kid friendliest, most innocent book at Marvel at the time, Power Pack, got involved in a story this fucked up and horrific.

    • Robyrt says:

      Louise Simonson co-created Power Pack, and she was either editor or writer on various X-titles throughout this period. This isn’t the two series’ only crossover, either.

  7. Sarah says:

    There’s a Marvel collection that I got from my library and is on UK Amazon for less than £10 – it’s called “X-Men: Mutant Massacre”, ISBN 978-0-7851-6741-9, and this s what they include, in order in the book:
    * X Men 210
    * X Factor 9
    * X Men 211
    * X Factor 10
    * New Mutants 46
    * Thor 373
    * Power Pack 27
    * Thor 374
    * X Men 212
    * X Factor 11
    * Daredevil 238
    * X Men 213

    (I’ve never read any Thor before this and those chapters are… strange….)

    (I came to X Men just after this, my post-Asterix/Tintin comics gateway drug was New Mutants, but I was utterly befuddled by the whole X Factor/X-terminators, because clearly it’s Jean’s red hair, Scott’s glasses aren’t a subtle disguise, Warren’s costume as an X-terminator reveals his whole face and he’s a famous millionaire playboy etc etc etc…. How did the X-Men not spot them? I know, you’ve probably covered this already and I haven’t caught up yet but why aren’t they at least using those nifty holgraphic simulators, or you know, all having costumes with masks/without long flowing locks?)

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