The New Mutants Graduate in Style!

In Episode 63, we asked you to design the New Mutants some alternate graduation costumes, since the canonical ones… left a bit to be desired. And dang, did you deliver! We’ve collected the first batch here, but we’ll be putting up another late this or early next week (or both, depending on volume), so you’ve still got time to get yours in! (E-mail to xplainthexmen(at)gmail(dot)com, with the subject line GRADUATION.)


  1. Casey Cookson’s CYPHER design is EVERYTHING! well done!

  2. Icon_UK says:

    Loving Casey’s designs here a lot, especially if that is the right flag for Dani, and that’s an awesome Warlock.

  3. David says:

    I’d buy Jamie F’s New Mutants, and most definitely an Evil Knievel Cannonball mini.

  4. David says:

    If there’s still room in the All-New, All-Different Marvel for a New Mutants book, I think we have plenty of loyal RAMXPTXM listeners who would do a tremendous job!

  5. Oh man… Nelson Hernandez’s Magik is INCREDIBLE.

  6. David Ellis says:

    Amazing outfits. I especially like the designs by Casey Cookson and Mike Becker.

  7. Sidsel says:

    I love Jamie’s 80s take on the team costumes – they are awesome! Very teen appropriate

  8. Diplogeek says:

    I adore that Cypher/Warlock design. Amazing.

    Unrelated to costumes, what I really want is a Marvel omnibus of Claremont’s New Mutants. Given the recent confirmation that a New Mutants TV show is in the works, any thoughts on how likely it is that Marvel might release some kind of a New Mutants omnibus?

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