Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 69 – Weird Science

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Special thanks to our awesome guest hosts, Elle Collins and Graeme McMillan, who not only covered the episode, but also provided this visual companion AND answered a bunch more questions in text (we’ll be posting those later this week). If you love Elle and Graeme as much as we do and want to hear more of ’em, here’s where to find those two on the web:


  1. Obviously, I miss Rachel and Miles, but I love that Elle and Graeme covered the best era of Beast. I own all the Amazing Adventures comics, plus his entire tenure with Avengers and Defenders. I like to think of Beast as the ultimate counterculture intellectual—listening to Stevie Wonder and smoking pot, exploring Eastern mysticism, and discussing Marxism with Vera. The best Beast needs to make a comeback!

  2. David right there with you. I cam into X-Men with issue 236 and only read a few issues of x-factor sporadically so my first real intro to beast was the inferno saga but then fully during the Muir Island Saga leading into X-men #1. That was the real start of my knowledge of the character and out of all the X-Men hes the one whose backstory I never really delved much into. Really interested in reading his time just before X-factor now.

  3. Awesome podcast about one of my favorite eras in comic books! I’ve always felt that the Amazing Adventures stories were some of the most underrated stories from that time period. About Beast’s fur color, my personal headcanon is that it started out grey, then turned black in AA #15. However, Beast probably sheds his fur just like an animal does, so all of his black hairs eventually fell out and were replaced by lighter colored hairs over time, until his fur took on the blue color that most people are familiar with. A process which probably took a few months to a year or more. Of course, there is no reference to Beast shedding in the comics; but I’m guessing it’s one of those bodily functions in comics that is rarely (if ever) referenced, similar to pooping or urinating.

  4. Thank you, Elle and Graeme. Steve Engelhart is one favorite comic book writers, and as seminal in the ’70s as Moore was in the ’80s (sidenote: Steve Gerber was the Grant Morrison of the ’70s). I am well aware of Engelhart’s incredible runs on Dr. Strange, The Avengers, The Green Lantern Corp and Batman, but was only partially familiar with his work on The Beast. Now I have to find those back issues of Amazing Adventures! If you ever care to do a fuller appreciation of Engelhart and his work, you have at least one guaranteed listener.

  5. Wow. That was a fun episode and a nice break from the stark Mutant Massacre. I’m excited to get Rachel and Miles back, but Graeme and Elle for a great show. Hopefully you get to guest host again!

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