Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 97 – The Crooked World

Listen to the episode here.



  1. Wait, the ten-minutes panel didn’t make it in?

    Being American, I only got the bits and pieces from Excalibur. But I want to read all of this.

  2. Why doesn’t Marvel want our money? Seriously, there is virtually no excuse for why a large portion of Marvel and DC’s back catalogs are not on Comixology, at the very least.

    1. Except for the copious amount of time and resources it takes to scan and digitally restore older comics to a level of quality people wouldn’t be furious over if they paid for it. Most of those issues probably don’t exist in digital versions–or, depending on the date, in file formats that aren’t accessible via modern software–and the amount of work involved in getting clean digital versions from either older print copies or film is just ridiculous.

      Archive editions and digital backissues aren’t printing free money–they many not have creative costs, but they more than make up for that in back-end manhours; which, even cost aside, is a huge deterrent in a deadline-driven industry where the focus is on new content.

      1. Well said. Bothersome, but well said. Unfortunately, it would set a bad precedent if Marvel were to allow fan volunteers to do this work.

  3. wow! i didn’t anticipate that you guys would be covering the Moore/Davis Cap Britain books. like Miles, I too regard it as one of my favorite runs of any comic ever. I was introduced to it totally by accident about 20 years ago in a reprint series (much like Classic X-Men) called Captain Britain Archives 1-7. They blew my mind. They had these amazing new covers by Alan Davis (much the same way Art Adams covered Classic X-Men). Sadly I lent them out and never got them back. But thankfully they were reprinted about 5-10 years ago by Marvel, albeit controversially 🙁 I figured it was still in print. I’m so glad this is a two-part episode!

  4. One thing I think you didn’t catch is that Captain England is from the North. The greeting of “How do” is a dead giveaway.

    (Loving this so much, went back and listened to the Journey Into Misery Episode too. Now feeling sad that Deaths Head isn’t X-Men continuity).

  5. Oh. The early part of the story Alan Moore took over recently surfaced on Marvel Unlimited so I final got too read it 🙂

    Hey, I’m British, I’ve got a limited selection of characters to choose from.

  6. I would totally cosplay a member of the cbc, especially if you and miles join me. Of course I also want to cosplay Big Bertha from Great Lakes Avengers. AKA, Deadpools goes Chubby.

  7. Am I mistaken or was Captain Britain originally in b/w. I was surprised to see your scans were in color. Was it just for the reprint?

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