Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

What I Did on My Summer Vacation, by Jay (Age 33)

The closest approximation of Havok’s powers in the standard emoji set is concentric hearts.

I discovered this a few months back, texting with the amazing Tea Fougner. “It kind of fits,” I remember typing. “I mean, the movie version has very Care Bear powers.”

There followed a Step 3, with a series of question marks; but by the end of the conversation, we had decided to make and exchange Summers Brothers Care Bears.

(I also ended up making a tiny Captain America bear, which astute readers will recognize as a panel-accurate replica of the Captain America bear Cyclops canonically owns, which appeared for one panel sometime in the late ’90s. Jean won it for him at a fair. Comics are great, y’all.)

ANYWAY, here are some process photos and notes. ENJOY!

UPDATE: Tea just sent me a slew of Havok Bear process photos and notes, so those will be up next week!

Also, since I forgot to link it initially, you can see both bears in action in this video review!




  1. In 35 years I’m going to spend my retirement turning stuffed animals into x-men and giving them to children who undoubtedly be like “I don’t know what this is referencing”

  2. Kind of disappointed that I just realized this, but this post title should definitely be changed to, “What I did on my Summers Vacation”

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