As Mentioned in Episode 120 – Observed by a Family of Lizard People

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  1. Chris says:

    “They’re just gal pals. Palin’ around doing pal stuff, like gals. Together.” That line straight up murdered me. ?


    “Thaaatss, pretty much, the, greatest thing ever, of the things.” LOL

    • ^that^, AND, another MGS reference…!?!? that = GREAT EP! 😀

      (MGS: switching to the 2nd controller port def one of the all time coolest game things, for me anyways. was b4 u would just google what to do in a game when ur stuck, so that made it extra cool, and i guess it wouldnt really work as well now)

  3. Ryan Prieto says:

    Jay, Miles, I love you both dearly. Have you any fears that you may have just peaked? For how much further could one truly climb, past the Everest which is “DICK WARLOCK”? Or perhaps this is an Icarus flying too close to the sun situation… but do you know who would fly too close to the sun? DICK WARLOCK!!! Thanks for the best of everything

    • Iain says:

      Dick Warlock’s son is called Lance Warlock, by the way – because of course he is.

      Also Dick has the best filmography. Halloween III. Jaws. Beastmaster II. Commando. It’s incredible.

      • Ryan Prieto says:

        I could only imagine Lance will one day rise against his father, due to feelings of inadequacy.Then after a great deal of conflict, and just before the Earth is destroyed, they will “follow their heart” and realize how much they love one another. They will then partake in a very touching game of catch. Upon hearing that the World’s population had “minimal” loses, due to the altercation, Dick pulls out Lance’s birth certificate, which reveals that his name is actually “Dick Lance Warlock II”. FIN.

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