As Mentioned in Episode 184 – Sweetcakes

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  1. K. Ivan Ruppert says:

    I had not heard Jay’s definition of “Four-Flusher” before, but I like it better than the one I had heard. The one I had heard, which makes more sense in reference to Madrox’s comment, is comparing someone to such a huge piece of shit that it would take multiple flushes of a toilet to get rid of it. Literally, “You Four-Flusher” would mean “You are such a big piece of shit it’d take four tries to flush all of you away.”

  2. Ryan says:

    That was the definition that came to mind, without having heard the phrase before for me. Not sure what that says about me, though.

  3. Maricruz Villalobos Zamora says:

    I’m hearing this on November 2019, and USA intervention is a thing TODAY (see Venezuela)

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