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As Mentioned in Episode 227 – Wolverine, Killing

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  1. I just had to stop the episode half way through and comment about something! You know how you said you’d love to see someone handed the Sienkiewicz pages with no words, and have them fill in the story based on the art? Well, according to one writer, that’s what you have to do even when you send Sienkiewicz a script!

    Many years ago now, I went to see Neil Gaiman speak at the New York Book Festival, around the time the Sandman: Endless Nights OGN came out. If you’re not familiar, it’s seven stories, one for each of the members of the Endless, by various big name artists: Frank Quitely did Destiny, Milo Manara drew Desire, etc. And Sienkiewicz, logically, was given Delirium. And Gaiman was asked about working with some of the different artists, and the one story that sticks in my head is this one.

    Gaiman sent Sienkiewicz the script for the Delirium story, and when Gaiman got the pages back (very late)… they didn’t resemble much in the way of what Gaiman had written. So he laid the pages out on his floor, arranged them in a way that crafted a bordering on coherent structure, and then rewrote the script to work with the pages! He was pretty happy in how it turned out.

    Now, back to my regularly scheduled podcast. Thanks as ever, and have a happy winter themed holiday, festival, or event of your choice!

  2. I know it doesn’t have anything to do with this episode of the show, but I don’t have a Tumblr, so I don’t know where else to ask this:

    How do you feel about the end of X-Termination basically forcing young Bobby Drake back into the closet?

    There have been so many retcons to the Silver Age that stick that it feels egregious he has to now spend his youth being closeted (which, I can tell you from having to stay mostly closeted myself, is a MISERABLE experience) because that is more vital to continuity than, say, Jean’s first day at the school not being her first lesson with Xavier. It feels like (at best) it sends a very poor message.

    I know the solo title is still going (I don’t enjoy it anywhere near as much as you have, largely because I feel it’s handled Bobby’s later-in-life coming out to his conservative family as a too-easy afterthought), but using the bludgeon of continuity to force someone to play straight for the majority of their youth sends a message antithetical to the X-Men & feels incredibly insensitive, at least to me.

    I’d love to know your feelings on this.

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