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As Mentioned in Episode 245 – Natural Causes

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  1. Hi! About Rogue being able to Transform in a vehicle when she kisses a Transformers: it depends to what extent her body change when absorbing powers. Transformers has the ability to,well, transform thanks to a internal organ known as “Transformation Cog” (T-cog for short). She usually change externally when she touches someone with external superpowers (like Nightcrawler or the Thing), but not sure if she can reconfigure her internal organs. So my theory is that she kissed a Transformer her skin would become metallic but probably won’t become a jet.
    I should mention in the IDW continuity there are some Transformers who have special powers than regulars don’t have and even some of these individuals lived in a house to learn and study their gifs (wink, wink), so maybe those power Rogue could absorb.

  2. Dear Jay & Miles,

    if you want a movie where the traditional cis-gender roles are switched, like what you’re talking about in the Rogue miniseries, I highly recommend Haywire. Gina Carano plays the badass secret agent, who’s love interest (played by Ewan McGregor) gets kidnapped, and she has to kick a whoooole bunch of ass to get him back. It’s genuinely a good secret agent/action flick, and a big reason why when people say James Bond can’t be a woman, they’re full of poop (along with Atomic Blonde). It’s also got some good actors you’ll recognize in supporting roles. The fact that this film didn’t get much attention is a shame.

    Thanks for another great podcast!

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