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380 – Arbor Day

Art by David Wynne. Wanna buy the original? Drop him a line!

In which no one wants to be compared to Chris Bachalo; it’s always a holiday for Generation X; you may already be a Guthrie; M is a fascinating mystery; and Black Tom Cassidy (finally) makes his move.


  • What Black Tom Cassidy is up to these days
  • Generation X #23-25
  • Generation X (again)
  • Seasons
  • Visual representations of Banshee’s powers
  • Several holidays
  • The Blue Ridge Mountains
  • A slumber party
  • Emplate (somewhat)
  • Bad times with Black Tom Cassidy
  • The apparent death of Emma Frost
  • What we do and don’t cover when
  • Leech on Krakoa

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  1. Just a couple of thoughts:

    1. They stopped doing the “Ultra Sexy” Emma Frost Covers with #8. It’s still Greg Horn on them but they are much more appropriate to the series.

    2. It seemed to me that they were trying to hint that Jubilee had some low level telepathy when she “sensed” Bastion before he grabs her. I read this issue around the same time the Generation X TV movie came out where they had also implied that, so I thought it was a small tie-in.

    3. You’re now ahead of The League Real Gentlemen in coverage which is just so strange to me. So I guess congratulations?

    All in all, I really liked this series around this point. The slower pace and smaller stories made it feel like it had its own identity and I really appreciated it amongst all the Big stories in the other books.

  2. I’m trying to figure out why I quit this series back in the 90s. Part of it was I was disenchanted with X-books in general, but I liked all these characters quite a bit. Banshee was a particular favorite

    I also was not a fan of Lobdell’s writing in general, and I think it may have been a combination of the glacially slow pacing and — surprisingly — Bachalo’s art. It’s beautiful, but the way it spills all over the page made it hard to follow just what was going on. Marvel’s penchant for giving everybody their own weird font didn’t help; actually digesting the contents of any given page took a good bit of focus.

    And when I finally did digest the page? Nothing much happened. Or something happened out of left field, like Mondo’s heel turn, and made me feel like maybe I’d missed a clue somewhere. (I hadn’t, because it’s Lobdell, but I didn’t realize that at the time.) It was frustrating.

  3. Since I’m not irish I will leave it to m’learned friend Voord 99 to comment on Miles Irish “accent”, but I’m glad that you brought it up yourself Miles, because… well… I love you like a podcast host I’ve never actually met, but… 😉

    You are also correct about Banshee’s powers, he should definitely _not_ be able to use his scream and talk at the same time. I only know that because it was mentioned a few times (I think in OHOTMUDE) that Siryn’s powers were different from his precisely because she COULD scream and talk at the same time, whereas he could not.

  4. Leaving aside the accent and concentrating on the dialect, I admired the magnificent, if perhaps unintentional, trolling by our host when he left “didnae” to the end.

    Visiting a friend in Glasgow, as it happens, if IconUK has recommendations of Things Geeky People Should Do in Scotland’s Largest City.

    1. Fash loon, I huvnae lived in Glasgow for over a quarter century.

      Swiching from the vernacular (and Doric, rather than Glaswegian), I’ve only been back a few times since, alas. So I doubt much I’d remember would even be there any more, beyond the usual things like the TARDIS coffee-hut (and I do know there’s a Doctor Who guide to Glasgow available, but niot much about what’s in it I’m afraid) and a couple of decent comic shops.

      Anyway, enjoy the visit and take a walk down by the Clyde, and maybe a wander through the Barras Market for me! 🙂

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