Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

409 – Lurid Malarkey

In which nobody is sure what Emplate actually eats; airport food is not a good peace offering; Larry Hama writes a good Jubilee; the St. Croix siblings merge; and we honestly have no idea what a Token is.


  • Emplate vs. Marrow
  • What’s been up with Generation X
  • Generation X #34-36
  • Claudette and Nicole St. Croix
  • Emplate (more) (again)
  • Controlled chaos
  • Tracy Authier
  • Bullying
  • Dorian and Weasel (again)
  • Treasures
  • EAT
  • Some unusually friendly blackmail
  • Wizard Magazine
  • Husk’s diary and hypothetical fanfiction
  • Chimera
  • A Lepton imploder
  • Dirt-Nap
  • M-Plate
  • A dream, we think, probably
  • Jubilee in Wonderland
  • A Token
  • Chief Authier
  • Elwood
  • Landau, Luckman, & Lake (again)
  • The Citadel at the Edge of Reality
  • The Universal Amalgamator
  • Magik on screen
  • Our favorite villains and alignment shifts from the Krakoa era

NEXT EPISODE: The M-Plate Saga concludes

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  1. After this episode, I’m wondering if Synch mimicked the St Croix siblings powers, could he then body-meld with them also? Or does one need to have the genetic relationship to be squished into one body?

  2. imo the problem with this run is that the ridiculousness doesn’t really tie back into the main conflict being the St. Croix family secrets. I feel like Hama should’ve spent more time exploring what drove emplate to become the transient, goth porcupine and inevitably kill his own mother, trap his older sister and live with the idea that his two youngest sisters sacrificed their own life to then replace Monet. Rather than explore the dueling personalities within ‘M-Plate’ Hama just kinda gives us the martini mixing fever dream and a new Gosaymr being ‘Gaia’. Maybe I just don’t get Hama’s humor but I felt like the St. Croix family drama should’ve been the crux of the conflict similar to Legion’s multiple personalities or the 75th issue of Wolverine that was both mystic/abstract yet focused on the character’s trauma.

    1. Having now covered both halves of the story… good point. Hama seems to have made a conscious choice to forego the serious for the silly. I don’t mind the silly, but I do wonder what a more realistic exploration of the St. Croix family tragedy might look like. We get a bit of that in the future of the X-line, but this really would have been the ideal time, right around the big M-twin-reveal.

  3. I’m so excited that your coverage is up to this period of Generation X. I really remember these issues fondly from when they were published but I haven’t re-read this run in many years. I wish they were on Marvel Unlimited.

  4. I can just imagine Jubilee and Skin managing to shoehorn references to Paige’s prose style into every possible conversation for months

    Skin – “Hey, Jubes, did you here what Chamber said about that movie?”

    Jubilee – “No Angelo, but then, how can I expect to hear a cosmic whisper.”

    Skin – “I barely heard it myself, but then, he was staring at me with eyes like the mirrors of my own longing.”

    Paige – “I hate you both”

    Jubilee – “You only hate us because our lips are the stuff of stars”

    Repeat ad infinitum/nauseam

    I knew about the twins, but I had no idea that ALL the St Croix siblings were into merging and splitting to that extent, honestly it seems like they were doing the Steven Universe Gem Fusion thing twenty years early!

  5. Is it also worth mentioning that the UK does actually have a chain of restaurants called “Eat.”?

    It seems to have a full stop instead of an exclamation, so it’s a statement rather than an imperative/instruction.

    I did recently see a meme where a restaurant had named itself “Thai Food Near Me”, which seems to be a rather brilliant 21st century adaptation of the old starting your company name with multiple AAAA’s so that you’d first in the phone book.

    1. EAT. was a victim of covid closes all 90 stores in 2020. No need for Sandwich shops when everyone works at home.

      1. Ah, thanks.

        That shows how much attention I ever paid to them as I didn’t have one locally. I don’t think I ever even bought anything from them when I was somewhere which had them.

  6. Bit late catching up, but I’m guessing the people in the picture are Steve Bunche, Marie Javins, Darren Auck, and Polly Watson. This is pure internet search and guess though.
    Marie Javins was depicted with brown hair in another illustration in the 90s and this kinda fits her aesthetic. Darren is a weaker link, but Darren Auck also had a similar aesthetic at the time, so maybe. Bunche I’m a lot more certain on, because that’s a less common name and again, he’s got the look. Polly Watson is a complete shot in the dark. Imagine doing a google search on the name Polly. And Polly Watson seems to have wisely avoided sharing info about herself on the internet.
    All of these people seem to have been working at Marvel in the 90s so that’s my best guess.

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