Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

423 – Moby Dick Ice Cream

In which subtlety is not Sabra’s strong point; Moira takes a vacation; Meggan broods; you should take care in referencing the Dark Phoenix Saga; Excalibur may or may not shave Mimic; and Captain Britain is a silly man.


  • Ghosts
  • Excalibur #121-123
  • The Mutant Underground
  • Empathic recon
  • An extremely disgruntled kiss
  • Kitty’s new costume
  • Several of Legion’s personalities
  • A mysterious disk
  • A very fancy trash can and/or ice cream maker
  • Ice cream of Cloud City
  • A good dog
  • Remains of Operation Zero Tolerance
  • The devolution of Douglock
  • Mimic (Calvin Rankin)
  • Mimic’s facial hair
  • Some Prime Sentinels
  • Wedding planning
  • Liking parts of things
  • Villains who want to marry Storm
  • Maddy Pryor

NEXT EPISODE: The end of X-Factor!

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  1. For years, I was convinced Madelyne’s first name was a reference to Hitchcock’s Vertigo, since Scott’s initial interaction with her is VERY similar to the second half of the film. It always hurts a little when I’m reminded such is not the case.

  2. Regarding Douglock’s change in behavior, could it be that plans were already afoot at this point in time for Weezie to do her Warlock solo book, retconning him to be just Warlock, and they were having him revert to that more cartoonist behavior to ease the transition?

  3. This episode got me wondering…

    The Legacy Virus makes infected mutants’ powers go out of control. We now know that Moira is a mutant, with the power to reset reality. So could it be that her infection was the cause of all the bad continuity happening around this time? 🤔

  4. Wait wait wait. The prime sentinels are disguised as the original X-Men because Mimic has been rampaging in the base slaughtering them. But when Excalibur finds him, he’s in high-tech restraints. Did I miss an explanation?

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