Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

434 – Return to Cape Citadel

In which the X-Men turn 35; we pause to celebrate the death of Henry Kissinger; Jay is a space nerd; Marrow hang-dries her delicates; space shuttles are not rockets; the band gets back together; and the Danger Room isn’t the first piece of X-tech to get sentience and a robot body.


  • How Excalibur got a Blackbird
  • Uncanny X-Men #360
  • X-Men #80
  • Many callbacks
  • The Benassi Rocket
  • The Cassini Probe
  • The All-New, Slightly Off X-Men
  • The Grey King (Addison Falk)
  • Chaos and/or Xhaos (Dan Dash)
  • Mercury
  • Rapture (Sister Joy)
  • Crux (Cristal Lemiuex)
  • Landslide (Lee Broder)
  • The Founder
  • Super Doctor Astronaut Peter Corbeau (again)
  • The Mutant Defense Net
  • Heroic narration
  • Lack of spacefaring continuity
  • Friendship
  • Technology
  • Costumes
  • All-New All-Different Dungeons & Dragons


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  1. The Cerebro X-Men! I feel like this is a fireworks factory only I was waiting for us to get to, but this is one of my fave X-Men continuity backwaters.

    You can almost hear Marvel hitting the brakes on the idea of the Cerebro X-Men as a thing, but I’d be up to see them come back.

    1. No, you are not the only one! I had fallen in and out of comics for years and somehow got wind of this book and this cover from maybe the only issue of Wizard magazine I ever picked up and was SO looking forward to reading an X-book with my favorite arcade game character, Nightcrawler, featured front and center! The only comic I owned up til this point he was ever in (or Kitty for that matter) was one of those four multi-page posters in one of the X-Men #1s. I am so excited to listen to this episode and hear about our hosts’ opinions on Cerebro’s X-Men because I thought they were all really cool designs and interesting character set-ups!

      Though I was also super-hyped to learn more about Graydon Creed and Operation Zero Tolerance, but uh, yeah, continuity around this time is a lot of disappointing dropped threads.

  2. I think Rogue absorbed Colossus and Nightcrawler at the same time back in their first fight with Nimrod — somewhere in the mid-190s?

    Also, not sure if this gets mentioned in the episode (which I’m still listening to) but wouldn’t the plutonium be part of the satellite rather than the rocket? In which case it got stolen rather than launched, right?

  3. I quickly guessed the All-New, Slightly Off X-Men were less than they seemed, but for the most cynical reason possible. Marvel had made no fuss about these guys as far as I recall, no adverts, no promotion (Certainly not on the level of Generation X), so I guessed they wouldn’t be around for long, though I think my theory was that they might be Mr Sinsiter creations, given his fondness for mucking around with X-Men DNA

    Also the idea that a single being could casually generate a half dozen characters with powers AND complicated interconnected backstories does seem a tad convenient.

    That being said I have no memory of the rest of the Cerebro/Hunt For Xavier arc so let’s see where this goes.

    Oh, and Jay did NOT just come after my boy NIghtwing about his fashion choices… We, sir, may have words over this! 😉 (Yes, I stan the Discowing Nightwing outfit in all it’s glorious absurdity, because I could readily believe the kid who designed the Robin costume also designed the one that left his chest open to the sternum.)

    1. If I had a chance to work out for about a year straight, I would totally wear that old Nightwing costume. But then, Jay and I have somewhat different opinions on sartorial nonsense, at least based on our individual styles.

      Ah, true… marketing IS a spoiler. I think that’s part of why young-Miles was so devastated when Age of Apocalypse hit… the marketing, at least to my youthful and pre-modern-Internet eyes, made it look permanent! Little did I know I’d be a little sad when it ended…

    2. I don’t know if I’ve ever read a comic with Dick Grayson in it, but I support his fans being endlessly entertaining. I’ve sat in a panel with 80+ other nerds devoted to his butt and bought a zine devoted to his mullet. Sometimes tasteful fashion is overrated in comparison to alternatives. 😉

  4. I was really feeling the “I miss fandom so much” this season, so I let myself look in to see what you two were up too and OMG THE CEREBRO X-MEN, I LOVED THESE GUYS! Also best wishes and I hope you and your families are well!!

    1. 90sRF, great to see you! And for real, those Cerebro X-Men: so much fascinating detail, and just suddenly and devastatingly obliterated in a way that totally served the story. I was not expecting to be so invested in those poor jerks.

      Thanks, and hope you’re well too!

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