Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

449 – Dressing the X-Men, with Russell Dauterman

In which artist Russell Dauterman joins us to discuss super-powered costume design!


  • Why it’s important to get a professional to design your superhero costume
  • Why Miles doesn’t trust the government
  • Russell’s history at Marvel
  • Designing for the Hellfire Gala
  • Mutant fashion
  • The word “fashionize”
  • Iconic looks
  • Modernizing superhero costumes
  • Powers vs. personality
  • Punk goddess Storm
  • Designing for drawability
  • Magic hair
  • Russell’s influences
  • Definitive Rogue costumes
  • X-Men ‘97
  • Best X-team costumes
  • Jay’s holy grail cosplay
  • Magic hair, cosplayed
  • Costume retrospectives
  • Where to find Russell online
  • Evil twin trends of the 1990s
  • Fuck You Pink

NEXT EPISODE: Jay & Miles Live at the Clinton Street Theater!

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      1. Cannot wait. Talk about nailing the landing! ‘E for Extinction, part 3’ did SO much heavy lifting, especially that last 5 minutes of the episode. I sat there yelling ‘What!?! You did that? Oh, you’re doing THAT? HOLY SHIT THEY’RE GOING _THERE_!!”

        It was kind of embarassing, but my wife knew who I was when she married me. LOL.

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