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As Mentioned in Episode 431 – Doctor Jennifer Murder’s Drop-In Deathatorium

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431 – Doctor Jennifer Murder’s Drop-In Deathatorium

No notes. (Generation X Underground Special #1)

In which Synch is a more versatile character than he originally got credit for; “eep” and “eek” are likewise underused; space makes everything better; Nate Grey is the proto-himbo; and if you can decipher the secret code in this episode, you, too, can win a Silver Surfer jet ski!


  • Diablo
  • Generation X Underground Special
  • X-Men Unlimited #30
  • X-Man: All Saints Day
  • Jim Mahfood
  • Skin’s video-game preferences
  • Strange superpowers
  • Poster pirates
  • Visual representations of the passage of time
  • “Banshee’s Angels”
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • The infamous donut-day riots
  • Perfect costumes
  • Adequate restraints for small children
  • The raw power of funk
  • Generation X vs. the Beat Generation
  • The greatest disco event in the universe
  • Nate Grey
  • Some kid named Jerome
  • Countess Absynthia Von Mort
  • Transylvania
  • Dr. Cindy’s Castle
  • The state of Phoenix affairs
  • The color bar at the top of the page in ‘90s comics

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X-TRA – Sofa Special (feat. Al Ewing)


We’re celebrating International Podcast Day with a bonus mid-week episode!

In which Jay and Al settle down in the living room to talk about cats, conventions, X-karaoke, Summers Brothers road trips, and what Al has planned for those New Mutants he’s been collecting in New Avengers!


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Rose City Comic Con Gallery!

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