Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned In Episode 1 – The Strangest Podcast of Them All

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  1. “Where continuity goes to die…” So good! Thank you guys. I look forward to future episodes, and to following the “catch up” suggestions to read some of the best-of collections.

  2. Just discovered this podcast,
    listened to two episodes
    and it has become one of my favorites.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi! I’ve just listened the first episode and it was awesome. I think that it would be a good reading for new X-Men readers the series “X-Men First Class” by Jeff Parker and Roger Cruz. This series tell new adventures about the original X-Men in their beginnings.

  4. just discovered you guys, so I have a year+ of content to catch up on during drives to work. I love the show and I love your style of nerdery.

    I found your podcast JUST as I was beginning to plan a tabletop supers RPG, and I’ve been inspired to throw in Claremontian elements like love stories and long payoffs on early story hints. So thanks!

    If you ever wanna play in a superhero tabletop RPG via the internet (www.roll20.net, specifically), let me know!

  5. I totally agree with Rachel about Professor X being a total jerk. Also, X-Men definitely has a problem with representation. Marvel could take a tip or two from DC, which is unfortunate.

  6. Hi I’m a little late. I want to start this from the beginning but I’m completely new to the comic book world. I’m a simple person, could you direct me to what you’re actually discussing so I can buy the comics and read along please?

    1. Hi, Jonathan – so glad you’re here! I’m a little terrified that we’ll be your introduction to the comics world, but hopefully we won’t lead you too far astray.

      Starting with episodes 5 and 8, we discuss specific comic issues in each episode. If you go to the corresponding episode post on our site, we list which ones we’re covering in italics in the X-Plained section. (Like on this post, for instance!) Our site isn’t the easiest to navigate (we should probably fix that one of these days), but if you Google the name of the episode that’ll usually get you where you want to be.

      If you’re planning to read along, I’d highly recommend subscribing to Marvel Unlimited – it’s a way more cost-effective method of reading that many comics than buying them each individually. It doesn’t have everything, but it seems to have about 95% of what we cover.

      Happy X-Men-ing!

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