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As Mentioned in Episode 94 – WELCOME TO DIE!

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  1. Just in case you thought The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants wasn’t obvious enough, they changed it to The Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists!

  2. I did a little hunting around to find a picture of the lizard men you mention


    Can’t place them either, I thought from the description it might be amphibius of the Savage Land Mutates, but it’s obviously not. Looks a little like Stegron, the dinosaur man, but no spinal plates, so nope, not him. Perhaps a little like the Crocodile Man who was an old Captain marvel enemy (The “SHAZAM!” one rather than Mar-Vell (and assorted other memebers of the Vell family), Monica Rambeau or carol Danvers versions), but is orange rather than green.

  3. Oh man!!! This episode gave me such thrills!

    I got this VHS at a flea market when I was a kid and watched it hundreds of times!!!
    I would stop and repeat the danger room sequence – it was just way too cool to see the X-Men using their powers. I agree this show had awesome visuals and could have been a hit as a series

    I agree this version of Kitty is lame-o. In fact, it turned me off to the character in general – as I naturally compared her to Jubilee when the 90’s series started, and Jubilee was the coolest!!! It wasn’t until I was a little older and actually read some comics that I realized how great Kitty was.

    I also fed stacks of quarters into the arcade game with my cousin when we were on vacation! I totally forgot about Storm’s magic wand! Very lucky you have a bar in the area with the game.

    This was great fun guys, thanks so much!

  4. The X-Men arcade game was my first exposure to the characters. I thought for years that Nightcrawler had superspeed, and I only recently learned Dazzler didn’t actually have Jubilee or Boom-Boom type powers.

    I think we might have actually called her ‘Jubilee’ around the console, because for sure none of us had any idea who Dazzler was.

  5. OK, this was great, learned a lot of great stuff. But, please, tell me I’m not the only one waiting for INFERNO! We’re so close, guys. I can hear the costume commentary already. The suspense is killing me.

      1. I only just recently read it, and cannot wait either to revisit it with this podcast.

        Though there is still a lot to get through, right? Two episodes of Uncanny X-Men (I presume the next episode is 232-234, and then another covering the Genosha arc in 235-238), one episode each of X-Factor, New Mutants, and Excalibur. Possibly also a Wolverine episode (the first few issues of Marvel Comics Presents and Wolverine Vol 2, where the Madripoor story starts, were published before Inferno, though as they’re unconnected, JR&M might push that to after the crossover).

        1. Yeah, I think we’re about half a dozen episodes out. I’d have to check my notes to know for sure–we JUST sat down and worked out the schedule for the next few months–but it’s really close to the breakdown you posited.

  6. Thanks for that! Such nostalgia! This was my first introduction to the X-Men outside of Spiderman and his amazing friends. And it started my lifelong love of the team. I’ve been waiting for this review since the original animation special you all did early on! A 9-year old me actually saw the cartoon when it originally aired during the Marvel action hour in 1989. And I kept checking back for the next several Saturdays hoping that it was an ongoing series. Alas! A year or two later, I got a copy of the VHS for my birthday and watched it a million times! And I also remember the excitement when I first saw the arcade game based upon it. And the subsequent excitement when the 90s animated series finally started! Thank you for your great work!

  7. I got this VHS for Christmas one year as a kid after learning about it in the Generation X Collector’s Preview. I was very excited when I realized it was what the arcade game was based on. And it actually wasn’t until I saw this that I realized it was Kitty you’re rescuing in the game and not Jean (the red hair threw me off).

    1. Also does anyone know if there’s a link between this and pilot and the first Toy Biz line of figure (swapping Dazzler for Archangel)?

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