As Mentioned in Episode 128 – A Stupid Way to Die (Judgment War, Part 1)

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  1. David Morris says:

    It was interesting to hear your thoughts on the art, because it was these issues that made me realise Paul Smith’s debt to Gil Kane. In comics influence often is visible in terms of surface, an adoption of the surface mannerisms of the artist you admire. In Smith’s case his elegant and individual finish meant I didn’t see how much Kane was in his design, composition and anatomy, until I saw him inked in a more conventional fashion by Milgrom.
    Also, I liked the nod to Kreed, the quarto assassin from Nexus, in panel 4, page 14 of #43. Okay, he’s short a couple of arms, but this is so much the sa e guy Smith had drawn a year before in Nexus #44.

  2. I love that series of panels that shows Marvel Girl switching between her 3 personas while hugging Cyclops. It’s creepy awesome.

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