Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 271 – Abs for Days

Listen to the episode here.


  • If you like picture books, it’s worth taking some time to check out the work of Peter Sís.


  1. It’s far, far down the list of Things Wrong with that guns-drawn panel, but a uniformed cop would never do that double-pistol maneuver.

  2. Thank you for giving Kubert’s Banshee his due! That panel of Sean changing into sweats was very important to 11 year old me.

  3. I remember being a fan of the X-Men cartoon roughly parallel to these comics. I went out and picked up some x-men comics to learn more about them, but couldn’t make any sense out of the stories at the time. There was so much backstory taken for granted, referencing things I knew nothing about. The characters were drawn the same way and same poses, and for an ADHD addled middle school kid, I couldn’t make sense of them. My hats off to you both for breaking the 90’s down for me!

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