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277 – Hedgehogs of Cairo

Art by David Wynne. Wanna buy the original? Drop him a line!

In which Sauron is a huge nerd; the Savage Land is where Marvel stores the weird stuff; an etymology detour does not come from the X-Pert you’d expect; and Storm will straight-up stab you.


  • Responsible weapon storage
  • X-Men Unlimited #6-7
  • A very large creative team
  • Sauron (more) (again)
  • Blood-derived powers
  • The Mutates
  • A pterosaur glow-up
  • Achmed El-Gibar
  • Street urchins (and the etymology thereof)
  • How to get a t’ieve mentor
  • Style vs. taste
  • The proportional relationship between knife skills and leadership potential
  • Tattoos vs. healing factors


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  1. I really want to see a former mutant’s take on the Krakoa status quo. Ideally, I’d like it to be Prodigy since A) he’s one of my faves, but also B) he stayed with the X-Men as a former mutant at Utopia, through Schism, all the way until he got fed up during the AvX event, after which he eventually joined the Young Avengers. This means means we would not only get to see a former mutant, but potentially also some Avengers’ opinions AND he’s spent enough time as an non-mutant X-Men member, that it could lead some to question the “no humans allowed” rule and seeing how one of his closest friends is one of the most important people on the island, that might lead somewhere…
    But also, this is Marvel, so I don’t expect any of this to happen and I’ll probably have to write down all of the fanfic I’m building in my head if I actually want to read this

  2. Speaking of my usual anime contextualization, I’ve got the mental image of Amanda Sefton drawing the Soul Sword out of Nightcrawler like Utena drawing the sword out of Anthy (presumably with “Absolute Destiny Apocalypse” from Utena playing in the background) in my head.

    Also, going from the list of pencilers and artists… “And a partridge in a pear tree!” (What? It’s timely!)

    The Savage Land as the swords and sorcery continent pretty much works as canon as well – Savage Avengers (the team lead by Conan the Cimmarian) started off in the Savage Land.

    (Also, as of this writing, but not when your recorded this, MTG Arena was doing a promotional thing where you could play with one of two pre-built decks from the Theros Block which also had some of the Power Nine – including the Black Lotus)

  3. Speaking of pterosaurs, I’ve recently finished bingeing nearly all of your episodes from the beginning (took about three months), and (unless I missed it) you guys somehow failed to note that the existence of Wolverine’s healing factor and adamantium skeleton were first revealed when he was bitten by a pterosaur.

  4. XMEN UNLIMITED: I used to think the same, but there are some gems in the higher issue #s. Some HILARIOUS issues. The Juggernaut issue is X-Comedy gold LOL

    SAURON: Is too cheap to buy better jorts https://drive.google.com/file/d/12ZqRweXtQoMveKw145jTbZuR63YhHM7y/view?usp=sharing

    Yes, the ‘Whizzer’ was originally thought to be Quicksilver & Scarlett Whitches Daddy. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BC3dwbOoN3aPmejHQD4C8B0MAmiWu3G-/view?usp=sharing

    Fun episode. Thank you for it.

  5. I wasn’t expecting this episode to confront me with my moral shortcomings, but here we are. I confess that in the early 80s, down in the Paris metro, when I turned and found a young man with my passport halfway out of my pocket, I did not become his mentor. I rather abruptly interrupted his explanation. The path not taken…
    Also, one of the few things I recall from Tom Holland’s Persian Fire (is some disambiguation necessary?) is that ancient Persians liked hedgehogs and saw them as allies in the struggle against the forces of cosmic darkness. Thank you for some more hedgehog lore.

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