Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 277 – Hedgehogs of Cairo

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  1. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but retconning Jamil as imaginary does a lot to explain why he’s dressed like that, despite it being 1994.

  2. So, while not in canonical 616, Ultimate X-men #48 specifically addresses Jay’s comments about Wolverine getting tattoos. While Storm and Wolverine are hitting the streets looking for Sinister, Wolverine wants to stop by a tattoo parlor to ask a question about Sinister’s ink, and Storm says, “what would you know about tattoos, [Wolverine] I’ve never seen you with any.” And Wolverine replies, “Tats are basically scars, Ro, only last a few hours before my healing factor rubs ’em out. Great way to impress new girlfriends, though.” Jay, i don’t know if you subconsciously remembered this, but I wanted you to know there is at least one mention of specifically what you were hoping for.

  3. I always had a bit of affection for X-Men Unlimited #6 because it’s one of the few (maybe the only?) stories in X-history to suggest any sort of close friendship between Jean and Lorna. Logically, those two should be best buds – they were the first two female X-Men and for a while were the only women on the team. They were for all intents and purposes sisters-in-law for years. They were never written as having clashing personalities of any kind, so realistically, Lorna should be one of Jean’s best friends, but they rarely seem to ever be written that way. A lot of it probably comes down to Claremont – he wrote Lorna out of the series pretty soon after taking over and never viewed her as anything much more than a convenient vessel for mind control. He was much more interested in making Jean friends with “his” characters like Storm and Misty Knight. Then Jean died, and when she came back in X-Factor, Lorna was mostly indisposed being possessed by Malice. Once Lorna started being written by writers that actually seemed to like her, like Peter David and JM DeMattias, she and Jean were on different teams in different locations. Then Chuck Austen came along and somehow managed to treat Lorna even worse than Claremont did, then Jean died again, Lorna went off to space, blah blah blah. So X-Men Unlimited 6 is maybe unique in X-history in depicting two characters who ought to have been as close as sisters ireally nteracting at all. So I like it for that reason, although the story itself is pretty rubbish.

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