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372 – Monty Python’s Life of Magnus

Art by David Wynne. Wanna buy the original? Drop him a line!

In which the first Magneto miniseries is actually a Joseph miniseries; Magneto lost a lot of nuance in the ‘90s; Fabian Cortez is friend to neither man nor bird; Joseph finds his inner supervillain; Marvel’s United Nations is unusually heavily armed; and bears are much cooler than guns.


  • Magneto (again)
  • The Acolytes (again)
  • Joseph (again)
  • Magneto #1-4
  • Amelia Voght (again)
  • Religious statuary
  • Razors
  • New Avalon
  • Magneto’s voice
  • How not to make a point
  • Armstrong
  • A Trask who may or may not be Simon
  • Weird torture
  • Peonies
  • A big, silly fight
  • Happy X-Men comics featuring Wolverine
  • The many nexuses of reality

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  1. Oh man, I have such an absurd love for this series. I got it from a used book store in middle school expecting it to be about Magneto himself and instead got just a TREASURE TROVE of Fabian being TERRIBLE

    – he does not just kill a bird, he is randomly LYING TO A BIRD. Not a pet bird or a sentient bird or anything, but just a random-ass bird, for no apparent purpose than to just lie to it before killing it. And he lies to it ABOUT LYING TO IT—”I’m being sincere!”

    – Exodus crying being he sees “Magneto” kiss a woman in front of him, and it ain’t over the woman, and Fabian setting that up like the Mean Girl he is. like that is some high school drama bullshit. Love it. Also Exodus loves Magneto, I will die on that hill.

    – Fabian canonically is listed as 6′5 but is seldom drawn it. This series makes him short in particuliar though by only having him come up to Joseph’s shoulder in one panel and I like to hc that Joseph is just hovering to be annoying to Fabian

    – Fabian’s sheer AWFULNESS. Special shoutout to his plans for a harem. Just. Wow. Slow clap. This is when I knew he was truly SPECIAL as a scumbag.

    – How DONE everyone is with him ON SIGHT it’s just glorious

    – The art is eye-bleedingly terrible but to the point it’s hilarious to me too.

    Honestly, I really hate they tried to make Fabian sympathetic (kinda) in Way of X. That works for some characters but I think he’s perfect as his utterly horrible 90s self. . . but playing the banjo was def a nice touch lol

    Anyway, thank you for all the ragging on Fabian. He’s a huge favorite of mine purely for being SUCH UNFILTERED AWFUL and hearing people talk about him being awful makes me happy.

    Also you read a lot of characterization stuff into Joseph, Magneto, and Amelia that I never picked up on (probably due to laughing at Fabian so much) that I think is really clever and observant, and I enjoyed that!

  2. In this episode the topic of “Nexuses of Reality” came up and the M’krann Crystal and Man-Thing’s swamp were mentioned, and one of you (I forget who) asked if they were related…

    Coincidentally that was a plot point in this week’s issue of Fantastic Four (# 43/688) as the villains are after both (that’s as spoiler-free as I can get). So it seems the answer is yes, they are related.

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