Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

436 – The Feel-Good Movie of the Summer

In which Colossus has had a rough time of it; the X-Men are at their best in bar fights; Bronze-age Wolverine was a jerk; Ursa Major deserves more page space; kids dig Nightcrawler; and we imagine an X-Men newspaper comic strip.


  • Notable incidents in Iceman’s romantic history
  • X-Men: Liberators #1-4
  • Nostalgia
  • Friendship
  • A bar fight
  • Province 13
  • General Sergei
  • Several dead deer
  • Gregor and Valeri
  • Nikolas
  • Zener cards
  • Several children
  • Omega Red (more) (again)
  • Ariana
  • Ideal formats
  • Beast vs. Dark Beast
  • A theoretical X-Men newspaper comic

NEXT EPISODE: X-Force gets possessed!

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  1. I know you guys finished on a positive note, but the whole thing was a real downer. Not exactly fun listening.

    Given that spores are genuine things, I’m prepared to accept that some could kill. However, factors are an intangible concept. Death factor sounds dumb.

  2. X-Men: Liberators #2 was one of the few comic issues I had as a kid, so it’s nice to finally know what happened in the whole story.

    I will strongly insist that Mutant Death Factor (while not sounding great) sounds a lot better than Death Spores.

  3. I think Mutant Death Factor sounds stupider, but I want to say: I would see Mutant Death Factor and Death Spores in concert

  4. “Death Factor” sounds cool, but is meaningless and so can have many meanings applied (each as daft as the other, but all of equal validity ie “none”)

    “Death Spore” at least sounds plausible given “spores” being a real thing (though it does make it sound like they cause lethal levels of hay fever.), but that very fact limits it by being actually real.

    Then again we are talking about science in a universe where somthing called the Legacy Virus exists, despite not behaving like ANY sort of virus in terms of vector and contagion and having no reason for it being called “the Legacy” anything.

    Rule of cool supercedes most other things I guess.

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