Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

452 – Hot Nothing

In which Magneto is not full of mirth; nobody real or fictional likes Fabian Cortez; when you’re a speedster, every problem is a metaphorical nail; The Zealot makes some valid points; and when Quicksilver declares himself your conscience, it’s time to examine your life.


  • How Magneto got his powers back
  • Morally ambiguous hair
  • Genosha (more) (again)
  • Magneto Rex #1-3
  • Magneto vs. Conan
  • Trish Tilby
  • Omniscient narrative condemnation
  • Magneto’s true archfoe
  • Magistrates (more) (again)
  • Mutates (more) (again)
  • Dr. Alda Huxley
  • Phillip Moreau (more) (again)
  • Jenny Ransome (more) (again)
  • Pipeline (Cormac Grimshaw)
  • Teleportational nudity
  • The Zealot
  • Fabian Cortez (more) (again)
  • Amelia Voght (more) (again)
  • Several of Magneto’s on-again-off-again children
  • The Bastille (but not that one)
  • Mutant numbering
  • When to use full frontal nudity in your comic
  • The X-books we’re not covering
  • The Amulet of Right vs the Sword of Might


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  1. I always felt like the concept of Magneto getting Genosha, pacifying it, and turning it into his vision of an ethnostate has a lot of dramatic potential to it . . .unfortunately, being an X-book at the end of the 1990s was not really the optimal ground for that seed to flourish.

  2. Things that are vague/undefined aboot Rouge’s powerz:
    -The SPEED of her flight. Is it just as fast as someone can run, or is it super-speed?
    -Extent of INVULNERABILITY. Can she be shot with a bullet, or would it bounce-off?

    1. I don’t think they are vague, they’ve been pretty well defined over the years, as she has the same basic powers as Ms Marvel. So she could at a speed whicj let her casually keep pace with an airliner, and I’m pretty sure she’s outgflown jet fighters.

      Her invulnerability is extensive, so yes, bullets would bounce off her.

  3. (please delete my previous one aboot this)

    X-Men97 episode2
    Beast says inhibitor-collars have RADIATION in them, which is what temporarily stops powers from working.
    Radiation = cancelling powers.
    Since when??
    That’s new.
    How inhibitor-collars work, has never tried-to-be explained.

  4. I think there was a character in the first Genohsa story, who we follow through the mutate process (thus making it handy exposition on what it entails) and we discover that, along with the mental conditioning, they had had their powers changed as well.

    Their natural mutant power was to be a healer, but that wasn’t economically useful to the government, so they altered them to make them an earth manipulator, because miners were useful and economically.

    I wonder if the Zealot might be a hark back to that character in some way?

    Oh, and have they addressed how mutates can have free will now? Because that was a pretty big issue with the whole setup, which wasn’t something that could casually be undone.

    1. Huh, how did I never think of that question? I did some cursory research, and from what I can tell, their free will just kind of… gradually came back. Which is narratively unsatisfying.

      I’ll see if I can find any actual information about that and maybe answer the question on the show if so!

  5. I had to check it, but I remembered right, and Amelia Voght isn’t a standard teleporter, like Kurt or Illyana. What she can do is called “transubstantiation” in the comics (I think the Vatican applies a very different meaning to that, but that’s neither here nor there)

    She can turn her body (and anything/anyone she can see) into a sort of mist, and can move around like an invisible cloud (under her own power, and still aware of her surroundings) until she’s ready to materialise into solidity again, so her showing up in that specific cell isn’t perhaps so surprising, as she could just float around until she found the cell she was looking for and chooses to resolidify there. If the cell had been airtight, she’d have been unable to get in though.

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